Rebecca Farris

CEO and Founder of The Well Planned Gal

Rebecca is a homeschool graduate and soon-to-be empty nester of her 5 homeschooled kids. Through her work as founder and CEO of Home Educating Family Association (HEDUA) and the Well Planned Gal, Rebecca has helped thousands of parents flourish in their homeschooling with innovative organizational encouragement.

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Rebecca Farris

Watch Rebecca's Homeschool Insights Videos

Planning for Success

Learn how to plan your homeschool days to be successful in your homeschool career.

Success for Non-Planners

What do you do if you’re just not a planner?

Free Planner Personality Quiz

Learn more about the Well Planned Gal’s planner personality quiz for homeschooling success.

What All Homeschool Moms Need to Hear

How do you balance taking care of yourself while homeschooling?

Healthy Boundaries While Homeschooling

What do healthy boundaries actually look like as a homeschool mom?

The Importance of Quiet Time

How do you survive as a busy homeschool home? Rebecca’s trick: mandated quiet time.

The Key to Healthy Homeschooling

Rebecca’s #1 tip for having a sane, healthy homeschool.

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