Tricia Goyer

Author and Speaker

Author of more than 70 books, Tricia balances her career with being a homeschooling mom of 10 including 7 adopted children. In her latest book, Tricia shares about her family’s journey of living a whole year without complaining.

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Tricia Goyer

Watch Tricia's Homeschool Insights Videos

Homeschooling Your Adopted Children

For families adopting children and their unique challenges, homeschooling provides unique solutions!

Homeschooling Starts with Connection

The focus of homeschooling shifts when you start with a foundation of relationship.

God’s Plan for You Is for Your Homeschooler Too

Many parents think they have to sacrifice God’s calling on their life to stay home and homeschool, but Tricia’s life, following God’s call, tells a different story.

Learning from the Journey

It’s a myth that homeschool parents have to know it all to be successful. On the homeschool journey, learning happens for the child and parent.

The Power of Your Words

Tricia shares the life-changing story of her family’s year without grumbling.

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