Matthew Bullington

MTHEA President & University Ready President

A homeschool graduate who was paid to go to college, Matthew now homeschools his own children and shares his college prep expertise in his work as a college consultant with University Ready.

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Matthew Bullington

Watch Matthew's Homeschool Insights Videos

How to Prepare for College

Matthew breaks down college prep into four easy-to-follow phases.

Give Yourself Grace

Feeling overwhelmed about prepping for college? Start here.

Should Your Child Go to College?

If you’re not sure if the college track is right for your child, here are some alternatives.

Education Expanded

Homeschooling offers something so valuable that no other education option can: time.

College, and Transcripts, and Credits, Oh My!

Transcripts and credits can often overwhelm families, but they don’t have to. Here’s what you need to know.

Preparing for Standardized Exams

There are so many college entrance tests. Here’s how to choose which one is right for your child.

What Makes Homeschooling Better Than Ever?

What makes right now the best time in history to be homeschooling?

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