LIFEPAC® 5th Grade Language Arts Set

Product Id - LAN0515 ISBN: 9780867170580

LIFEPACĀ® 5th Grade Language Arts Set


As your child gets older, the need for proficiency in written and spoken language grows. With LIFEPAC Language Arts homeschool courses, you can be sure that your student is mastering these critical language skills. While other curriculums separate language arts into multiple courses, LIFEPAC delivers a unique integrated approach which is designed to build lasting connections between reading, vocabulary, grammar, and composition. This integrated approach increases a student's ability to apply language skills in everyday life. The LIFEPAC 5th Grade Language Arts Set consists of ten appealing worktexts which provide daily instruction and application as well as regular opportunities for evaluation. The 5th grade language arts course includes instruction in grammar skills such as subjects and predicates, adjectives, regular and irregular verbs, verb tenses, participles, as well as lessons on reading fluency, poetry, report writing, and much more!

But that's not all there is to love about LIFEPAC! By encouraging independent study, this outstanding course inspires critical thinking and academic independence in your homeschooling child. And we've also included a great teacher's guide designed to help you increase language proficiency. This must-have Alpha Omega curriculum teacher's guide features teaching notes, answer keys, alternate tests, plus plenty of enrichment activities that give you the ability to adapt the program to your child's individual needs. Encourage language proficiency in your child! Order the LIFEPAC 5th Grade Language Arts Set today!