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Help Your Child Grow In Their Faith
Building confidence and character in your child starts with a curriculum that ties what they are learning back to their Christian faith to help build critical thinking skills. Prepare your child for decision-making grounded in faith through our LIFEPAC free lesson on ‘Who You Are’ for high school students.
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Explore Print & Online History & Geography Courses
Explore an in-depth study of God’s activity through history as recorded between man and his relationships. Develop your child’s appreciation of these relationships through major themes like geography, history, government, citizenship, economics, and social studies with a Christian worldview. Children from Pre-K Three’s through grade 12 can find solutions to meet their needs. Semester and year-long courses are available depending on the grade level.
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Explore Print & Online Language Courses
AOP offers language arts courses to help children develop foundational skills for all areas of life. Courses follow major themes of reading, speaking and listening, writing, spelling, grammar, and composition. Children from Pre-K Three’s through grade 12 can find solutions to meet their needs. Semester and year-long courses are available depending on the grade level.
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Make Math Fun For Kids
Horizons math has helped countless families overcome learning obstacles and spark interest in a subject that can be dull when not done right. Learn about spiral vs. master learning and how switching up curriculum can help your child get the boost they need. Find free worksheets for grades 2-6 inside + free trials for more advanced mathematicians like Monarch’s Probability and Statistics online or teacher-supported online school options like AP Calculus through Ignite Christian Academy.
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Bring Earth Science To Life
Caring for God’s creation is easily encouraged through science lessons, videos and experiments. LIFEPAC is a family favorite for it’s portability in 10 small workbooks per course to take into nature as you learn. Sample LIFEPAC’s 4th grade lesson on The Planet Earth or take your learning online with Monarch’s 8th-12th grade Earth Science or Robotify free trial courses.
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Explore Print & Online STEM Courses
Make learning fun with print math and science courses for K-2 and online 3rd-12th grade math, science and CTE courses. Peak inside free sample pages and online demos. Get ahead in college credits with AOP’s online school, Ignite Christian Academy. Help your student find their fit with fun courses like Career Explorations and Introduction to Engineering & Design.
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