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Homeschool Curriculum Options from AOP

One of best things about homeschooling is having the freedom to choose the curriculum that fits your family. After all, if you believed one-size-fits-all approaches work, you probably wouldn't have chosen to homeschool. Here's a quick comparison of the homeschool curriculum options from AOP.

Monarch Online Homeschool Curriculum LIFEPAC Horizons Ignite Christian Academy
Format Online (Windows® or Mac®) Print Print Online
Learning Approach Mastery Mastery Spiral Learning Unit Study
Method Student-Directed Student-Directed Parent-Directed Teacher-Supported
Bible-based check check check check
Five Main Subjects check check check
Electives check check check check
Placement Tests check check check check
Visual check check check check
Read/Write check check check check
Hands-on/Kinesthetic check check check check
Audible check check
Economical check check check check
Automatic Grading and Scheduling check check
No Installation check check check check
Customizable Lessons check check
Automatic Data Backups check check
Free Feature Updates check check
Interactive check check
Fun and Engaging check check check check
Multimedia check check
Text-to-Speech check check
Student-paced check check check
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Fully-Accredited Online Academy from AOP

Ignite Christian Academy

No matter what other companies might tell you, curriculum itself cannot be accredited. If you are looking for the flexibility of homeschooling along with the assurance of a fully-accredited diploma, look no further than Ignite Christian Academy. On top of world-class curriculum and accreditation, learning online with Ignite Christian Academy gives your family the option to call or chat with teachers if you're running stuck.

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Take the next step: Assessment and placement tests

Every homeschool parent knows that correct educational placement testing is a key component to successful homeschooling. At Alpha Omega Publications, we want to improve your effectiveness as a teacher and promote your child's academic enjoyment. To accurately place your child into our Christian homeschool curriculum, we offer free placement test resources for Monarch, LIFEPAC, and Horizons.