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Tips for Teaching Gen Z Kids from Dr. Billie McConnell

Understanding the changes in generations is especially important for homeschooling parents. Knowing what struggles our kids are facing and what qualities characterize our Generation Z kids can help us both to learn from our kids and also teach them the best we can.


Does Your State Love Their Neighbors?

Do you have good neighbors or do you even know their names? More than ever before, Americans are lacking a connection with their neighbors and that change may have a negative impact on society as whole.


Monarch FAQs: How Do I Know Where to Start?

If you’re a new Monarch user, you may find yourself with a plethora of questions. On our AOP YouTube channel, we have a series of Monarch FAQ videos, and today, we want to dive even deeper into placement tests to support first-time Monarch users.


Most Popular Chores to Give Your Kids

What chores do you give your kids in your home? We wanted to know what the most popular chores were to give to kids, so we asked our AOP community on Facebook. If you are looking for some ideas or wondering what other households do for chores, here are the most popular chores our AOP community gives to their kids.


What Every Parent Needs to Know About Vaping

With vaping-related illnesses and deaths in the United States skyrocketing, the U.S. Surgeon General has declared vaping among youth a national epidemic.In 2019 alone, over 800 vaping-related lung-injury cases have been reported with a dozen deaths linked to vaping as well.


Cool School Tools We Didn’t Have As a Kid

As the world continues to change, it can be fun to take stock and note all the new gadgets and tools our kids have today that we didn’t have when we were in school. These are some of the latest cool school tools you may want to consider adding to your homeschool for a bit of fun and flare.


5 Books Featuring Homeschoolers

To build skills of empathy and increase a child’s love of reading, it’s important to read books that your child can relate to. Pick up one of these 5 books featuring homeschoolers to help your little one read themselves into your next bedtime story!


HSLDA Hosts Essay Contest

HSLDA is hosting an essay contest where students could win up to $500!The contest is split into three different age categories for students ranging in age from 7-19 based on their age as of September 1, 2019. Each grade level has a different writing prompt, and all entries must not exceed 700 words, excluding the title.


Worldschooling with the Wingin’ It Family

In our recent blog about fascinating subgroups in homeschooling, we barely touched the surface of the fabulous lives of worldschoolers. Taking their homeschooling on the road full time, worldschoolers say goodbye to a consistent mailing address to fill their passports with exciting stamps from around the world.


Learning Tools from a Dollar Store

In the age of Pinterest and Instagram, many parents find it overwhelming to keep their homeschool space looking and functioning like a gram-worthy post. While most of what you see on social media is an edited version of reality, it can be fun to equip your homeschool space with learning tools that keep things looking and running smoothly.


California Bans Suspensions for Talking Back to Teachers

The state of California has banned suspending students for talking balk to teachers. Signed by Governor Gavin Newsom in September, the law, which goes into effect on July 1, 2020, extends the ban of suspensions permanently for “willful defiance” for students up to 5th grade and restricts them for junior high students until 2025.


AOP Around the World: Kuda Vana

Something we love about going to homeschool conventions is connecting with all the families who use AOP and getting to hear their stories. This past year, we had the pleasure of hearing the story of Kuda Vana, and we are excited to share their story with you.


Get the Most Out of Your Library

Veteran homeschoolers are the first to tell you that libraries hold a wealth of resources. While everyone is familiar with the perk of borrowing books at no cost, libraries offer so much more, especially for homeschooling families. Be sure to check with your library to see which of these perks are available so you can make the most of your library.


4 Card Games Every Family Should Know How to Play

Learning to use a deck of cards is not only great fun for the whole family, it also provides some sneaky developmental benefits for kids. Try out these card games for a family fun night with hidden educational benefits!


Kristi Clover’s Tips to Master the Mayhem

Every stay-at-home or work-at-home parent knows that clutter and mess are often blaring items on the to-do list. When homeschooling, a cluttered, disorganized house can lead to extra stress and chaos. That is why Kristi Clover has made it her mission to help parents become more organized and efficient for a more joy-filled life.


Homeschool Hurricane Questions

From Hurricane Dorian to Hurricane Maria, Harvey, Sandy, and Katrina, every year seems to bring another devastating hurricane to the Caribbean and United States coasts. If the latest storm has sparked your child’s interest in hurricanes, check out these five questions and answers that can be used for a homeschool lesson on hurricanes.


Things I Wish Someone Told Me on the First Day of Homeschool

The beginning of a new school year is an exciting time for kids, but it is also an important time for Mom and Dad. Whether you’re nervous, excited, or entirely terrified, here are a few things that are nice to hear at the start of a new school year.


Our Best 15 Blog Posts

For 150 issues, AOP’s Homeschool View newsletter has sought to bring you the best and the latest in news from the homeschooling world. To celebrate, we put together 15 of our best articles to encourage, inspire, and equip you to educate from home.


Fascinating Subgroups in Homeschooling

While there are many different types of homeschoolers, there are certain subgroups in the homeschooling community that seem to generate a little extra buzz. Check out these four fascinating subgroups in the homeschooling community.


First Day of Homeschool Traditions

The first day back to homeschool from summer is an exciting day for kids and parents. Having a first day of homeschool tradition can help you and your child get back into the swing of more structured learning. If you don’t have a first day of homeschool tradition, here are a few of our favorite ideas:


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