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Does your child want to be an artist? Not sure how to teach basic art concepts? Don't worry. Alpha Omega Publications has the answer—LIFEPAC Art. Teaching art is a breeze with this easy-to-follow art elective. Every parent can do it. Made of ten individual, full-color worktexts, LIFEPAC Art will give your student a comprehensive introduction to art, design, and composition. LIFEPAC also offers flexible lessons that can be easily personalized to your student's learning pace! Consumable worktexts cover broad topics like design, color, drawing, printmaking, calligraphy, and art appreciation. And frequent reviews ensure your student will master fundamental art concepts!
But that's not all. LIFEPAC Art worktexts are filled with helpful illustrations and clear directions so students can easily create and learn! With this art course, your child will learn different art styles and how to apply personality into artwork. Best of all, previous art experience is not required by student or teacher. And the must-have teacher's guide includes tons of benefits too—like teaching tips, clear objectives, and ideas for additional activities. This outstanding, student-directed art course will encourage both critical thinking and independent learning in your child! Try this Alpha Omega curriculum for yourself and see how fun teaching art is. Just order LIFEPAC Art for 7th-12th grade today!