LIFEPAC® British Literature Set

Product Id - ES9515 ISBN: 9780740302039

LIFEPACĀ® British Literature Set


Looking for an enriching literature elective? Alpha Omega Publications has just what you need—LIFEPAC British Literature for 7th-12th grade. This colorful, print-based course has flexible, consumable worktexts which focus on great British authors. This bright, five-unit Alpha Omega curriculum offers your child engaging lessons with full-color illustrations, clear directions, and fun-filled assignments! This one-semester literature elective has a wide variety of literature, including poetry and short stories. Self-paced and culture-filled, LIFEPAC British Literature is especially made to supplement your student's LIFEPAC Language Arts courses. And consistent reviews ensure your child is mastering literature concepts!
But why stop there? LIFEPAC also offers homeschooling parents great, time-saving tools too. Imagine a clear, easy-to-use teacher's guide that includes everything you need, beside just the answers. This must-have resource has clearly outlined teaching tips and ideas, additional exercises, and learning objectives. What could be better? And your child will study high-quality authors such as William Shakespeare, John Bunyan, William Wordsworth, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, John Keats, Robert Browning, and C.S. Lewis. So don't wait—order LIFEPAC British Literature for 7th-12th grade today!