LIFEPAC Kindergarten Launch Pack

Product Id - LPK ISBN: 9780740340147

LIFEPAC Kindergarten Launch Kit


The LIFEPAC Kindergarten Launch Pack from AOP is a great resource to support learning as your child goes through LIFEPAC’s math and language arts coursework for kindergarten. While the “Materials Needed” and “Activities” sections of the lesson plans in the LIFEPAC teacher’s guides provide numerous opportunities to use your resources, the Launch Pack gives you the freedom to be creative and use the tools to fit your child’s learning style and needs.

Launch Pack Contents
96 colorful counting bears
2-sided number chart
Color/alphabet chart
Addition flash cards (0-10)
Subtraction flash cards (0-10)
Flash card packet
Character pencil
2-sided wipe-off board
Dry erase marker with curriculum character
Penmanship chart