LIFEPAC® Math Diagnostic Tests for 1st - 8th Grade

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LIFEPAC® Math Diagnostic Tests for 1st - 8th Grade


Want to homeschool using the LIFEPAC or Horizons Math curriculums, but unsure of what grade level your student is working at? If so, Alpha Omega Publications has created the perfect tool to help you—it's the LIFEPAC Math Diagnostic Tests for 1st—8th Grade! This easy-to-use, soft-cover booklet contains ten consumable LIFEPAC diagnostic tests for each grade level, six Horizons tests for grades 1-6, and a handy answer key and placement worksheet which are designed to accurately measure your student's knowledge. How does it work? After removing the inserted answer key from the booklet, administer the range of grade level tests within your child's level of learning. Tests are divided into ten sections, each containing ten questions. Question formats include fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, true and false, and diagrams (a ruler is need for the first grade test). And scoring tests is easy because all the answer keys are lined up in a column format identical to the student sheet. To score tests, simply place the answer key and student answer sheet side by side. Just total the scores to find out what grade to place your child in.

And you don't need to worry about learning gaps any more! Why? Because the LIFEPAC Math Diagnostic Tests for 1st—8th Grade is designed to help you find learning gaps in your child's progress. If your student scores lower on a particular test section, you can simply purchase the corresponding LIFEPAC worktext for remediation to help build comprehension. How easy is that? And, instead of wasting money on an over-priced textbook that might be too easy or too difficult for your student, you'll love ordering just one affordable, subject-focused LIFEPAC worktext. But most importantly, after using the LIFEPAC Math Diagnostic Test for 1st—8th Grade, you can be confident your student is learning at the correct grade level in Alpha Omega curriculum. Plus, you're getting two curriculum placement tests, both LIFEPAC and Horizons, for the price of one! Order today.

(Note: This resource is highly recommended for elementary or middle school students entering the LIFEPAC or Horizons curriculums. Order according to the last grade your student has completed.)


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