LIFEPAC® Select Geography Set

Product Id - ES3015 ISBN: 9781580957991

LIFEPACĀ® Select Geography Set


Using worktexts taken from core LIFEPAC subjects, LIFEPAC Select Geography is an alternate, unit-study elective for students in grades 7-12. This one-semester, subject-focused course has five worktexts and a corresponding teacher's guide with teaching tips, enriching learning activities, and clearly outlined objectives. Self-paced, easy-to-understand lessons offer solid, Bible-based instruction as students discover physical and cultural regions of the United Sates, civilizations, water transportation systems, resources, and cities. Students also learn to read and interpret various types of maps, charts, and graphs.

LIFEPAC Select Geography Set Includes
7th Grade History & Geography, Unit 2: What Is Geography?
7th Grade History & Geography, Unit 3: History and Geography of Our States
Civics & World Geography, Unit 6: The Earth and Man
Civics & World Geography, Unit 7: Regions of the World
Civics & World Geography, Unit 9: The Tools of the Geographer
LIFEPAC Select Geography Teacher's Guide