LIFEPAC® Spanish II CD Set

Product Id - ED9916 ISBN: 9780740304774

LIFEPAC® Spanish II CD Set


Do you want the complete LIFEPAC Spanish II Set, but only have the ten worktexts? Not a problem! Alpha Omega Publications offers the LIFEPAC Spanish II CD Set sold separately from the worktexts! This interactive, easy-to-use CD Set provides your student with all the listening exercises necessary to successfully complete the ten Spanish II worktexts. This 6-CD set provides your student with approximately four hours of listening exercises—which will help train your child to understand and speak Spanish. Each track begins by explaining the exercise clearly in English, and then your student must listen and interpret the Spanish phrases. Not only will it challenge your student to become a better Spanish speaker, but also incorporating listening keeps learning fun!

But wait, there's more! In addition to short exercises supplementing and reinforcing what is taught in the accompanying worktext, your student will hear each unit's vocabulary list spoken with the correct pronunciation, followed by the English interpretation. Not sure when your student should use each CD? The Alpha Omega curriculum worktext clearly marks where you should use the listening exercises, and what CD and track accompanies the lesson. Made for grades 9-12, the LIFEPAC Spanish II elective is the perfect addition to your student's courses. Make learning a world language fun and easy. Order the LIFEPAC Spanish II CD Set today!


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