Horizons Math Readiness Evaluation

Product Id - HMRT01

Horizons Math Readiness Evaluation


Take the guesswork out of placing your child into the award-winning Horizons Math curriculum with the Horizons Math Readiness Evaluation from Alpha Omega Publications. This helpful homeschool math resource contains easy-to-use tests and scoring instructions for grades 1-6 that accurately place your child into the appropriate grade level. Just imagine, no more wasted time or expense teaching curriculum that is either too easy or too hard for your child's math abilities. Best of all, you'll be able to keep your child's love for mathematics strong as you prepare homeschooling lesson plans that teach to his learning edge. What could be better? Order your Horizons Math Readiness Evaluation today and let your child discover the joy of learning math with the colorful, brightly illustrated Horizons.


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