SOS Elementary Spanish

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SOS Elementary Spanish


Are you ready to teach your child Spanish? Don't want to pay a fortune for a tutor? Just use Switched-On Schoolhouse Elementary Spanish for grades 3-6! At half to one-third the price of professional lessons, you can teach your child Spanish with this exciting, homeschool course. Afraid you can't teach a foreign language? Don't be. This fun-filled, five-unit course has easy, step-by-step lessons and simple explanations that every parent can follow. And this clear, computer-based Spanish course from Alpha Omega Publications makes learning a breeze with multimedia-enriched lessons. Helpful teaching aid tools include video clips, animation, and interactive learning games to motivate your student and build lesson concepts. To ensure student comprehension, this five-unit Alpha Omega curriculum has audio recordings by actual Spanish speakers! What could be easier?

And that's just the beginning. To help parents, Switched-On Schoolhouse has included several time-saving features—like automatic grading and lesson planning. That's right. We'll do all the busy paperwork so you can get down to what's really important, teaching your child. Sound like a life-saver? It really is. Add to that customizable curriculum, a helpful message center and a built-in calendar, and you have a homeschool curriculum unlike any other! Plus, your child will be studying quality academics and topics including vocabulary, pronunciation, listening and reading comprehension, and more. Discover how fun teaching a foreign language can be—just order Switched-On Schoolhouse Elementary Spanish for grades 3-6 today!

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