25 Fun Things to Do as a Homeschool Family This Summer

25 Fun Things to Do as a Homeschool Family This Summer

With the official start of summer and the longest day of the year right around the corner, there’s plenty of time to get outside to enjoy this beautiful world and the people God has created. See how many of these 25 fun activities you can cross off your homeschool family’s bucket list this summer.

1. Pack up lunch for a family picnic at the park.

2. Go on a family bike ride.

3. Pray together.

4. Swim at the local pool or lake.

5. Camp out in the back yard.

6. Plan a scavenger hunt for your children around the neighborhood.

7. Play a board game on the deck or porch.

8. Figure out a way to bless another family.

9. Make homemade pizzas and grill them.

10. Visit the nursing home to talk to the residents.

11. Do a collaborative, family art project on a rainy day.

12. Catch fireflies.

13. Watch a fireworks display.

14. Lay on a blanket and look at the stars.

15. Visit a state park and go on a hike.

16. Soak up some sun and get soaked at a splash park.

17. Go on a road trip and play games in the car.

18. Play a game of baseball in the back yard.

19. Volunteer for a church activity.

20. Fly a kite.

21. Fish in a nearby river or pond.

22. Beat the heat with some cool water activities like water balloon towel toss.

23. Attend a county or state fair.

24. Have a campfire cookout.

25. Clear out your schedule for a family staycation.

What are your favorite family activities during the summer?

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