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Homeschool Insights: No Frowns for Susan Brown

If you’re ever around Susan Brown, author of One Year of Thankful Thursdays, you simply can’t ignore her infectious smile and positive personality. After meeting her at a homeschool convention earlier this year, we asked her to share her story and some of the great advice she’s learned along her journey of life and homeschooling.


National Ice Cream Day This or That

In honor of National Ice Cream Day, on July 18, we "scooped" deep and polled our social media followers to find their favorite flavors, toppings, and treats. While we scream for all things ice cream, our followers definitely have their own preferred frozen dairy dessert.


Printable Lunchbox Notes

Whether your homeschool family is on a field trip, at a convention, or just at your kitchen table, put a smile on your children’s faces and give them one more reason to love lunchtime with these free, printable lunchbox notes from AOP.


Monarch Family Feature: Growing Up Without Borders

In 2013, Tyler and Chantal Patton embarked on a five-week holiday to Europe with their three daughters, Julia, Angelique, and Chloe. They enjoyed it so much they decided to return home to pack their bags and travel around the world. Since then, they’ve traveled to 197 countries while sharing their experiences with the world thanks to Monarch.


20 Olympic Fun Facts

Every 4 years (barring a global pandemic of course), the nations of the world gather and root for the athletes representing their countries. Before the Games of the XXXII Olympiad open in Tokyo on July 23, we put together 20 captivating facts to get you into the Olympic spirit and the emotions that come with it.


The Ultimate Dorm Packing List

If your child is heading to college this fall, you’ll want to be prepared for the move, even if you’re not emotionally ready as parents. To help with the process, we compiled the ultimate dorm packing list which includes everything you need to send your child off to college right.


Patriotic Sun Catchers

Celebrate the summer holiday with some red, white, and blue. Your kids will love this fun and easy Fourth of July craft, and you’ll love the memories you make even more. So gather all those broken crayons around the house and turn them into a beautiful sun catcher to enjoy all summer long.


A Wallpaper Reminder to Accept Your Calling

As Christians, we are called to humbly accept our calling to share the message of Christ’s love to our children and the world. This month, use your device’s background to find encouragement each day about the important role you play as a homeschooler, parent, friend, spouse, and more.


Fun, Summer Sidewalk Chalk Activities

Sidewalk chalk is a summertime staple. There is something exciting about having a blank concrete canvas that allows your imagination to come to life. Here are some of our favorite ways to get extra creative with sidewalk chalk.


8 Bedtime Prayers for Young Children

There are many things you, as a parent, can do to help your child feel loved and safe. Creating an evening routine that includes bedtime prayers with your kids reminds them that they have a true friend in heaven who is strong and mighty and can handle their fears and worries.


4 Practical Steps to Building a Healthy New Habit

Whether you’re looking to set a new exercise routine, improve your consistency with daily devotions, or have a different personal goal, sometimes a small attitude adjustment is all that’s needed to make a big improvement in your lifestyle. To help you build a healthy new habit, try these four simple steps.


Printable Father’s Day Cards

When it comes to the dads in your lives, we know you’re thankful for so much more than his dad jokes and socks with sandals. Appreciate dad in style this year and help him enjoy the day to the fullest with our printable Father’s Day cards. He'll love the homemade look, and they'll definitely put a smile on his face.


20 Art Therapy Prompts for Kids

Help your kids avoid summer boredom and deal with their emotions in a healthy way through these 20 helpful art therapy prompts.


Quick Tips for How to Pick the Perfect Melon

Nothing completes a summer picnic like the sweetness of a juicy watermelon and the sticky hands and faces of your kids that come along with it. However, sometimes, picking the right produce to bring home to your family can be a challenge. Here are a few more trustworthy ways to try to spot the perfect melon this summer.


Monarch FAQs: How Do I Reschedule Courses and Rearrange School Days?

Homeschoolers love the customizable calendar in Monarch because it allows you to work around your family’s schedule, no matter how complex, and still keep your homeschooling on track.


Amazing Grace Wallpaper

This summer, update the wallpaper on your favorite device with the colors of the sunrise and a message that can help you remember that God’s grace has brought you safe thus far and His amazing grace will also lead you home.


30 Thought-Provoking Journal Prompts for Kids

Journaling can be a great way for children to practice writing and recording their thoughts and feelings. Keep your child’s pen and mind active this summer with these 30 journal prompts that instill resiliency, hope, kindness, a growth mindset, and self-awareness.


Should You Attend a Homeschool Convention?

Going to a convention physically puts you with like-minded individuals on the same journey. From encouraging speakers and workshops to hand-on curriculum review, we give you the top reasons to attend an upcoming homeschool convention.


The Buzz about Beekeeping

World Bee Day is celebrated on May 20. Since attention to the importance of bees has grown, beekeeping has grown in popularity. Get the buzz on all things beekeeping in this interview with Amy, a beekeeper who is a member of AOP’s marketing department.


5 People to Celebrate for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have a rich heritage thousands of years old and have both shaped the history of the United States. In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we highlight 5 people who made a difference in politics, business, sports, and more.


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