5 DIY Christmas Gifts

5 DIY Christmas Gifts

If you’re on a budget this Christmas or searching for unique gift ideas you can make yourself, check out these easy DIY projects that can be completed in 45 minutes or less and used for several people on your gift list.

Instagram Coasters
Before your smart phone’s photo storage tanks from the weight of too many megapixels, find a functional, tangible use for your Instagram shots. Grace your space with these DIY coasters or tag them for family and friends who will appreciate your camerawork and handiwork.

• Round, flat pieces of cork, 4” in diameter (one per coaster)
• Instagram prints
• Mod Podge glue
• Cardstock
• Foam or felt mounting dots

1. Using the cork piece, trace a circle onto the cardstock and the print to make sure the size of the materials match.
2. Spread a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the cork. Place the cardstock on top.
3. Do the same with your Instagram shot and seal with another thin layer of the glue.
4. Stick four mounting dots on the back.
5. Pin your creation on Pinterest.

Record Bowls
Repurpose your vinyl with a cool conversation piece you know they won’t receive from someone else. Gift it to fans of vintage and groovy home décor or present it to Mom as a possibility for jewelry storage.

• A vinyl record
• A bowl (the size you want your record bowl to be)
• A can of soup or veggies

1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees F.
2. Place the vinyl record on top of your bowl with the label face-up.
3. Place the can on top of the record. The can should be in the center of the record, and the record should be centered over the bowl.
4. Carefully place the stack in the oven. Check on it every few minutes.
5. After 10 minutes, remove the bowl from the oven. Shape the vinyl into a curling, wavy form, or whatever look you want.

Art Tea Towels
Brighten up a friend’s kitchen with these towels that make for a great housewarming gift.

• Pieces of cotton (unbleached)
• Pen and paper
• Fabric markers
• Iron

1. Cut the pieces of fabric in your desired tea towel size.
2. Hem all around each piece of fabric.
3. On paper, draw or print out a design you like and cut it out.
4. Place your stencil on the fabric and trace the shapes.
5. Remove the stencil and color in the design with fabric paint.
6. Iron over the painted fabric to secure the color.

Custom Gift Mugs
Who knew you could transform a plain ceramic mug into a personalized present using nothing but a Sharpie and an oven? Whether you use a stencil or free-hand the drawing, your creation will delightfully serve any coffee, tea, or hot chocolate drinker for years to come.

• Ceramic mug (light-colored)
• Sharpie or other permanent marker
• Stencil (optional)

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
2. After washing and drying your mug, carefully draw or trace your design(s) or lettering. The ink easily blurs, so start with a light tracing and go back to fill in.
3. Once your design is complete, bake it for 30 minutes to set the ink. Once your design is permanent, the mug will be able to go through a dishwasher without a smudge.

Plastic Animal Bookends
Add a splash of color to your kids’ shelves and keep those books from sagging in a few simple steps.

• Plastic animals that easily fit your shelf
• Pieces of wood, approximately 1” thick
• Spray paint (high gloss)
• Primer (optional)

1. Give your plastic animal two complete coats of paint with plenty of dry time in between. Bright colors look great in kids’ rooms.
2. While the first coat is drying on your plastic animal, spray your wood block the same color or a contrasting shade.
3. Once the animal and wood are dry, use super glue or a hot glue gun to attach the animal to the block, and presto! Your bookends are ready to shelf or gift.

We’d love to see your final creations. Share them with us on Pinterest or add your own DIY Christmas gift idea in the comment field below.

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