AOP Offers Free Series for First-time Homeschoolers

Rock Rapids, IA (January 24, 2011) - Alpha Omega Publications® has created a new educational homeschooling series for first-time homeschoolers. Offering prospective homeschool families start-up information, practical guidelines, and helpful resources, AOP's Seven Steps to Start Homeschooling is a free resource that answers a host of questions most families encounter during their initial year of homeschooling.

Presented in a conversational format, each helpful step in the series highlights a particular aspect of homeschooling and includes a "Digging Deeper" section that enables parents to apply what they have learned with a practical application.

From choosing the perfect curriculum for your child to organizing a daily homeschooling schedule, these seven steps cover the basics needed to make your first year of homeschooling successful and fun.

Step 1 - Make the Decision - What is homeschooling? What qualifications do I need to homeschool?

Step 2 - Get Informed - How do I homeschool legally? Do case studies prove that homeschooling works?

Step 3 - Find Support- How do I build a support base with other homeschool families?

Step 4 - Select a Method - Which homeschooling approach is best for my family?

Step 5 - Choose Your Curriculum - Where do I find homeschool curriculum? What subjects do I teach, and how do I know what grade level is right?

Step 6 - Schedule Your Day - How do I organize my day to fit in everything and homeschool?

Step 7 - Keep the Right Records - What's the best way to document my homeschooling?

Read each of the Seven Steps to Start Homeschooling for free at today.

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