April's Homeschool Parent of the Month

With great pleasure, Alpha Omega Publications® recognizes Sally Matheny of Forest City, North Carolina, as AOP's Homeschool Parent of the Month for April 2010. In recognition of her exceptional homeschooling efforts, Sally will receive a $50 AOP gift certificate good toward the purchase of Monarch™, Switched-On Schoolhouse®, LIFEPAC®, Horizons, or The Weaver Curriculum®.

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Sally Matheny
An experienced homeschooling mom of ten years, Sally Matheny has two wonderful teenage daughters and an adorable five-year-old boy. She is known for her creative talents, and she thoroughly enjoys spending time with her family. As a homeschool mom, she not only covers the core academic subjects for her children, but she also teaches them important life skills and lessons in faith. Because of her faithful instruction, Sally's oldest daughter is now furthering her education at college and is doing very well both socially and academically.

Parent of the MonthAdmired by many homeschooling families in her local community, Sally is also active in a local homeschooling group. She demonstrates her loving concern for others by volunteering regularly, and she even takes time from her busy schedule to teach classes at the homeschool co-op. Those who know her best say that she is a valuable resource for first-time homeschool parents because she is always ready and willing to share helpful tips and ideas, practical homeschooling knowledge, and loving encouragement.

For selflessly showing Christ's love to her family and others and making a real difference in her homeschooling community, Sally Matheny is recognized as AOP's April Homeschool Parent of the Month.

Like Sally's story, tell us why you think your friend should be chosen as AOP's Homeschool Parent of the Month. What makes him/her stand out as a spectacular homeschool parent? How many years and how many children has he/she homeschooled? How does he/she show concern or support for his/her family and other homeschoolers? Is he/she actively involved in his/her community and church? How has he/she personally touched your homeschooling family? Include a photo (optional) and information in 250 words or less that tells us how this individual stands apart as an extraordinary homeschooling parent.

If chosen, your nominee will be awarded a $50 AOP gift certificate that's good toward the purchase of any AOP homeschool curriculum or resource. Don't let this opportunity to recognize a fellow homeschooler pass you by. Submit your nominee today!

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PAMELA M 04/01/2010 20:03:35

Congratulations Sally!!!

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