Create Visual, Interactive Homeschool Projects Using 4 Online Tools

Create Visual, Interactive Homeschool Projects Using 4 Online ToolsFor students who are used to surfing the web and using technology for everyday and academic tasks, glue-stick projects may not stimulate their creative learning ability. Several online tools can bring homeschool projects to life by creating visually appealing and interactive word collages, videos, stories, and posters.

Wordle is a tool that can be used to add a splash of color and flair to a presentation or slideshow. It generates “word clouds” from text or web links submitted by users, which can be edited with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. Students can print a Wordle or save it to share with other learners. Wordle can also be used to artistically display favorite scriptures or encouraging quotes around the schoolroom or in your homeschool binder. The Wordle below is created from text on the Alpha Omega Publications About Us webpage.


For storytellers, young authors, and bookworms, Storybird is an online tool that can be used to create and discover visual stories for writing assignments. Learners can craft a fun, interactive story in minutes using artwork from illustrators and animators that bring the story to life. Storybird can be used to illustrate short stories and poems written in notebooks lying around the house.

Glogster is applicable to any homeschool project, whether it is for history, creative arts, or Bible class. Students can create interactive posters called Glogs by adding text, photos, audio, videos, and special effects to an online poster. They can be shared on social networks or saved on the computer. For academic use, a Glog can be used to showcase a recent field trip or unit study.

Does your leaner enjoy making videos? Go!Animate is an easy-to-use tool that can help illustrate homeschool projects or create animated videos just for fun. The website offers a variety of characters, backgrounds, and props in a drag-and-drop format, as well as options to insert external audio, images, videos, and flash files. Students can record their own voice or use the text-to-speech feature to make their videos unique. Go!Animate is a tool for learners who want to create professional-looking videos without the cost or stress.

What online tools does your learner use to create homeschool projects?

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