Fifteen Fall Activities for Fun and Fitness

Fall brings many special opportunities to be active with your homeschool family. The beautiful colors, comfortable temperatures, and lingering days of Indian summer set the stage to get outdoors for a variety of fun-filled activities.

Before the cold winter months force your homeschool family indoors, take advantage of the pleasant fall weather and God's beauty with these health-boosting, physical fitness activities:

1. Visit a pick-your-own apple orchard or pumpkin farm and exercise as you reach, bend, twist, lift, and pick your own delicious fruits and vegetables from God's bounty.

2. Tackle a corn maze and experience the sights and sounds of a local farm. You might even find a petting zoo, hayride, or a stack of hay bales to climb, too.

3. Tune up your body as you explore new trails on a scenic hike, walk, or bike ride around your community.

4. Burn off energy as you participate in the time-honored tradition of raking leaves and jumping in the piles.

5. Make it a field trip favorite as you walk and attend fall festivals, craft fairs, and themed community events.

6. Enter an active fundraising event for a worthwhile cause and walk, run, or ride bike for your favorite charity.

7. Visit a local conservation area and explore the variety of native vegetation and wildlife as you hike and photograph your new discoveries.

8. Consume more calories as you clean off your garden and gather seeds from dried plants to save for next year's garden. Be sure to have your children look for fuzzy caterpillar friends hiding in the foliage.

9. Strengthen your family's bodies at an outdoor climbing wall for kids or plan an adventurous trip to a more mountainous region in your state for some easy ascent climbs or bouldering.

10. Play in the park with other homeschooling friends and let little ones climb, swing, and slide during fun games like "Freeze Tag," "Follow the Leader," and "Simon Says."

11. Plan a brisk walk and collect different shaped and colored leaves along the way. Not only will you gain the benefit of walking and working different muscles as you reach down and bend, but you'll also gather the materials you need to create a beautiful homeschool art project when you return.

12. Paddle your way to better fitness on a river or lake in your area. Rent a canoe or kayak and give your family an opportunity to build upper body strength while getting a great cardio workout.

13. Burn some calories by cleaning up the yard and trimming overgrown trees and bushes or grab some brushes and give your outdoor buildings a fresh new coat of paint.

14. Hit the trails with a horseback riding adventure at a local stable. You'll not only bounce off a few pounds, but you'll also develop better muscle coordination and flexibility.

15. What would fall be without a friendly game of flag football in the backyard? For an afternoon of fun-filled exercise, you can use a small foam football for younger children and easily improvise a goal line with two,
2-liter soda bottles filled with sand or rocks.

Whatever fitness ideas you choose to do outside this autumn, just be sure to make it fun as you appreciate nature and God's beautiful kaleidoscope of fall colors!

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