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Trying to decide which computer-based curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications® is right for your homeschool family next year? Then, you should join us for one of our free training webinars! Offering assistance with training opportunities for our desktop-based Switched-On Schoolhouse®, as well as informative sessions for our new online Monarch™ curriculum, AOP's webinars give you valuable, hands-on information to answer all your questions.

Hosted by a friendly educational specialist, these live workshops are conducted over the Internet with specific start and end times. In contrast to a webcast, which only transmits information in one direction, a webinar is interactive web conferencing that allows audiences to communicate directly with the presenter. The presenter speaks over a telephone line while demonstrating information on a computer that the participants simultaneously see on their computer screens. The webinar audience members can then respond with real-time questions or comments over their own phones or on their computers.

All you need to participate is a telephone and a computer with Internet access. (A high-speed Internet connection is recommended). Plus, it's easy to attend. Simply click on the link below of interest to you and follow the directions for choosing a time that's most convenient for you.

Monarch Training - Discover how Monarch's Internet-based lessons let your child's learning soar into the 21st century with this one-hour, interactive presentation for homeschool students and parents. Practical demonstrations include:

    • Student assignments and calendar applications
    • Question formats within daily work
    • Internal messaging
    • Homepage themes and passwords
    • School and curriculum setup
    • Assignment and grading options
    • Grade reporting features
    • Support resources
Basic Switched-On Schoolhouse Training - Learn how a dynamic, multimedia learning experience with SOS makes homeschooling more fun in this 45-minute, must-see session. Practical demonstrations include:

    SOS Student Information
    • Assignment access
    • Educational games and video clips
    • Daily problems, quizzes, and tests
    • Internal message system
    • Journal entries
    • Resource center materials
    • Daily schoolwork backup
    • Homepage customization
    • Password settings

    SOS Teacher Information
    • Installation procedures
    • Options for school, student, and curriculum setup
    • Techniques for assigning, grading, and editing lessons
    • Tips on generating report cards, grade records, and daily work records
    • Practices for security settings
    • Tutorials, technical support contacts, and user information
As your partner in Christian education, Alpha Omega Publications is excited to make your homeschooling experience richer and more enjoyable with quality curriculum training. If you have any additional questions about AOP's homeschool curriculum after viewing these webinars, please feel free to contact Monarch technical support, Switched-On Schoolhouse technical support, or call AOP customer service at 800-622-3070 from Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CT).

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TAMI R 07/21/2010 16:21:01


I was just wanting to ask a question regarding teacher grading.

I wanted to know if I could set the grading easier. Example

when I got to grade a paper and they can only recieve a point or 2.

And they have most the problem correct and you think they should

get a b instead of an a. I have to put in somethine like .96% or 1.97%

Is there another way to set it up?

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