Frugal Summer Crafts

Frugal Summer CraftsSummer is all about getting your craft on! Get ready to whip out your scissors, turn on the music, and have fun with these craft ideas!

Homemade Craft Adhesive
Adhesives are a staple in many crafts, so why not make your own supply to satisfy your craft craze and keep the budget to a minimum?

Resources: Two 4-ounce bottles of washable white, clear, or glitter glue; four ounces of water; one clear container with a lid.

Step 1: Empty the glue bottles into a dry container.
Step 2: Pour two ounces of water into each empty glue container and swirl it around.
Step 3: Drain the water into the container with the glue.
Step 4: Place a lid on the container and shake it until the glue and water are completely mixed.

You now have a homemade, water-based adhesive!

Wooden Block Collage
Resources: One wooden block (available at most craft stores), water-based adhesive, scissors, magazines or internet and printer access.Wooden Block Collage

Step 1: Pick a theme, whether it is encouraging scriptures and quotes, cartoon characters, or animals.
Step 2: Measure the width of each side of the wooden block. Then, cut pictures from magazines or print images from online resources that match your theme and fit the space on each side of the wooden block.
Step 3: Swipe a layer of adhesive on each side of the wooden block, excluding the bottom. Press the cutout images on the adhesive.
Step 4: After the adhesive has dried on all five sides, swipe two more layers over the images to make them stick and to add a glossy finish. Complete the bottom side after the others have dried.

Ta-da! You can use your themed wooden block for a paperweight, decoration, or a gift.

What summer craft are you working on?

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