Fun, Summer Sidewalk Chalk Activities

Sidewalk chalk is a summertime staple. There is something exciting about having a blank concrete canvas that allows your imagination to come to life. Here are some of our favorite ways to get extra creative with sidewalk chalk.

1. Chalk Tracing – Start with a piece of white chalk and write whatever you like. It can range from upper and lowercase letters to sight words and numbers or even entire sentences. Then have your child trace each number or letter with another color.

2. Sight Words Bean Bag Toss – Write words and call them out. See if your child can land a bean bag on the correct word.

3. Upper & Lowercase Match Up – Write a series of letters and then have your child draw a line between the matching pairs.

4. Number Dice Match Up – Write numbers 1-6 in one column and draw the 6 dice faces in another. Have your child match each number with the corresponding dice.

5. Anatomy Lesson – Trace your child’s outline. Then, add important organs or bones and label them (i.e. heart, brain, femur, humerus).

6. Constellation Art – Draw replicas of constellations with chalk.

7. Dress Up – Trace your child’s body and have them draw clothes and accessories.

8. Negative Space Art – Use painter’s tape to create a pattern on the driveway. Chalk over it and remove the tape.

9. Town & Roadway – Draw a town and/or road system. Let your child play with their dolls, matchbox cars, Barbies and more using the town you created.

10. Roadway or Racetrack – Draw a large scale roadway or racetrack for your child to use with their Cozy Coupe, bikes, trikes, or scooters. Include fun stops like a snack shop, toy store, gas stations, and a parking lot.

11. Maze – Draw a maze and have your children find their way through it without coming to a dead end.

12. Photo Backdrop – Draw a fun scene and have your child pose while laying on the ground for the ultimate photo backdrop.

13. Guess the Word – Play a word guessing game using your chalk.

14. Dots & Boxes – The goal of this two-player game is to create the most boxes by connecting the dots on a grid. Each player takes turns drawing a line from one dot to the other. Whoever draws the last line of the box colors the completed box. Whoever has the most colored boxes wins.

15. Hot Lava – Create steppingstones across your driveway. Challenge your kids to reach safety by hoping from one to the next without falling into the “hot lava.”

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