Giving Brings Couples Closer Together

A recent survey of nearly 700 couples who were married or living together showed that financial giving is often connected to healthy relationships.

According to the report “How Couples Give” released by Fidelity Charitable, eight in 10 married donors make giving decisions together and very few disagreed on those decisions. In fact, only 11% of couples said that were at odds with giving decisions frequently or even occasionally. Over half of respondents also said they disagreed less frequently when comparing giving to other financial decisions.

“This new report confirms what our donors already know: giving brings couples and families together,” Elaine Martyn, vice president of the Private Donor Group at Fidelity Charitable, said in a press release posted on Business Wire. “Philanthropy brings out the best in people, and learning what is important to your partner and supporting them brings out the best in you—all while helping a good cause.”

The top three reasons couples marked for their giving included supporting a worthy cause, practicing family values, and displaying gratitude for their blessings.

“Couples may frequently find common ground in their giving decisions thanks to the guidance of a shared values and belief system,” the official report said. “These reasons illustrate deeply personal causes for giving. While couples may occasionally disagree on the parameters for their philanthropy, their motivations to give are ultimately woven into the fabric of their relationship.”

The press release listed three suggestions for growing closer together through giving:

1) Include giving in your budget, something 48% of couples do not do.
2) Discuss giving decisions together.
3) Make a donation in lieu of gifts to each other.

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