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In today’s world of online shopping, no one likes to pay shipping costs and still have to wait a week for a package to arrive. That’s why Amazon Prime memberships, offering free two-day shipping at monthly or yearly rates, rose from 25 million in December 2013 to an estimated 90 million in September 2017. Of course, it also helps when that subscription includes a large library of videos.

Following Homeschooling with Netflix, we continue our series on educational streaming options with a look at 10 things currently on Amazon Prime you may want to watch with your homeschool family.


Popular Mechanics for Kids
Inspired by the “popular” magazine, this series includes 75 episodes with a goal to teach young kids how things work.

Inventions That Shook the World
This 10-episode series takes viewers on a decade-by-decade voyage of discovery through a century of innovation that transformed our world.


American Heritage Series with David Barton
From the separation of church and state to the civil rights movement, from the heroism of our founding fathers to the building of our nation’s monuments, this Christian documentary series inspires Americans to reclaim the godly history of our nation.

American Experience: The Presidents
This series offers an intimate and compelling look at the men who led the country through the last century, including some of the most turbulent and consequential moments in our history.


The Parables of Jesus
Theologian and author R.C. Sproul explores the rich meaning and historical context of the parables of Jesus in this 12-part series.

God Came Near
Filmed at England’s beautiful Blockley Church, God Came Near is narrated by renowned author and pastor Max Lucado, who encourages viewers to be like the wise men of the Christmas story and start seeking the Lord each day of our lives.


Jack London: An American Adventure
Take an in-depth look at Jack London, a natural adventurer and the world-famous author of The Call of the Wild and White Fang.

J.R.R. Tolkien: Master of the Rings
This exciting look at the genius of Tolkien shines a light on all the heroes and villains of the Lord of the Rings and how Tolkien's life experiences helped shape the story and characters that have become giants in fantasy fiction.

Reading Rainbow
The first four seasons of LaVar Burton’s reading series are available to teach children to take a look in a book.


Bloomberg’s Brilliant Ideas
This interview series looks at the most exciting artists at work in the world today, including what inspires their work.

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SaraBella 08/27/2018 16:28:32

Love them!

Crystal 09/26/2018 23:00:29

Me too.

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