Horizons Wins Homeschooling Parent Magazine 2009 Stamp of Approval Award

Wondering what's the best homeschool curriculum to use when teaching your child to read? Go with a winner and try the best-selling Horizons Phonics & Reading curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications. Available for grades K-2, Horizons Phonics & Reading was recently chosen as the winner of the 2009 Homeschooling Parent Magazine Stamp of Approval Award for "Best Grammar & Phonics Curriculum."

A phonetically based word-recognition and early reading program that develops strong readers, Horizons Phonics & Reading has been proven again to be a favorite homeschooling curriculum.

"We switched to Horizons for a more structured phonics base, and my daughter's reading skills have improved substantially. I just wish we had started sooner!"
- Monique W., California

So, what makes this elementary curriculum so popular among homeschooling parents? Check out these results-producing features:

  • Creative, colorful readers
  • Fun-filled, hands-on activities
  • Brightly illustrated workbooks
  • A strong emphasis on reading comprehension
  • User-friendly teacher's guides
  • Engaging lessons with Scripturally integrated content
  • A spiral-learning method that introduces, reviews, and reinforces new concepts
Horizons' great success is also due to its exceptional content that is sure to have your child reading like a pro in no time. In addition, Horizons Phonics & Reading provides the skills needed to enjoy a lifetime love of reading with fundamental lessons on letter recognition, long and short vowels, consonant digraphs, silent letters, consonant blends, prefixes, suffixes, vowel digraphs and diphthongs, R-controlled vowels, and more.

Don't settle for less than the best in your child's Christian homeschool reading curriculum. To learn more about the award-winning Horizons Phonics & Reading curriculum, click here.

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Comments(5 comments)

NIKKI C 09/02/2009 19:49:59

I am very impressed with Horizons especially the math. We have been using it for 6 years, however I am very disappointed that it does not continue past 6th grade. I received mixed information on transferring from the Horizons 6th grade to LifePac math.

ROSEMARIE P 10/16/2009 17:26:01

Based on the article about the features of Horizons I am very much impressed especially in the math part wherein I consider the subject importance in developing and enhancing my children analytical abilities. I wish to transfer from lifepac to Horizons.

VICKI E 04/17/2010 16:44:54

Vicki E.

I am very impressed with Horizons curriculum. We have used Horizons for 2yrs. now. Our children, ages 7 (1st grade)and 5(preschool),are doing great and love the colorful workbooks and reading materials. The 7yr. old is reading 2nd and 3rd grade level books.He really enjoys reading his reading book and the questions at the end of the stories to me. He amazes me! The 5yr. old is reading Dick and Jane along with Go Pup Go (books from our own collection and the library).

We are getting ready to order for the 2010-2011 year. We really wish the Horizons went further in their curriculum with all of their subjects. We love the math, spelling and vocab. books along with the reading and phonics.It is disappointing that this will be our last year with a full curriculum with Horizons. Next year we'll have to find another reading and phonics curriculum. They are doing so well sounding out words that you wouldn't think a 1st gr. or a preschooler would know but they do.

Please consider adding onto your curriculum so parents and children can go clear through to 12th grade with Horizons. I'm sure we aren't the only parents who feel this way.

Thank you!

TRACEY S 03/09/2011 18:32:34

I agree. We would love to continue Horizons through 12th grade. My daughter started the kindergarten curriculum at 4 1/2 and is flying through the Math and Reading/Phonics. I'm sad that we have to find another curriculum for all the other subjects and for math after 6th grade.

CARL V 03/10/2011 07:15:16


Great news! This year Horizons Math expanded with the addition of Horizons Pre-Algebra! Learn more here: http://www.aophomeschooling.com/horizons/grade-7/pre-algebra/

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