How to Find Quality Time with Your Spouse After Having Kids

In a parenting world, it’s incredibly (and maybe even scarily) easy for your family life to become a kid-centric universe. While we all love our kids, it’s important to remember to also take the time and effort to show love to our spouse. To make sure you’re still carving out quality time with your partner, Pam Myers of the Child Development Institute offers these four ways to make your marriage a priority when you have kids.

1. Create Small Rituals
“Small rituals can make a significant difference in your marriage and your life,” Myers advised. “Go to bed at the same time and spend time together. Turn off your devices and snuggle, talk, and enjoy intimacy. Text each other every day at lunch or connect at the end of the work day as you’re heading home.”

2. Support Each Other’s Interests
“Find something outside of work and children that you enjoy doing and support each other to pursue those interests, either together or individually,” said Myers.

3. Practice Gratitude
“It’s easy to focus on the negative things,” said Myers, but “focusing on the positive and expressing it to your spouse connects you in a powerful way. It’s important to know you’re appreciated and loved.”

4. Spend Family Time Together
“Parents tend to focus on activities that children want to do,” Myers warned. “The thing is, children are usually flexible, and they can have fun just about anywhere. Find activities that you and your husband like to do and bring the family along.”

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