If I Had Known

If I Had KnownLooking back over your homeschooling experiences, what would you do differently? Enjoy these reflections gleaned from other homeschooling parents just like you:

• If I had known that teaching my children would be so much fun, I would have started homeschooling sooner.

• If I had known my children were going to grow as fast as older women said they would, I would have treasured our time together even more.

• If I had known that my son was going to become an archeologist and dig in the dirt for a profession, I would have never worried about removing the stains when washing his clothes.

• If I had known that all my children would go on to receive college degrees, I would have never second guessed my curriculum choices and teaching abilities.

• If I had known how unimportant it was to keep a spotless house, I would have gone to bed on time instead of spending countless hours cleaning, organizing, and tidying up for the next day.

• If I had known how living on one income would build a solid faith in God, I would have gladly lived with less without all the complaining.

• If I could only experience the thrill of one job to last an entire lifetime, I would homeschool my children all over again.

Whatever lessons you’ve learned from homeschooling so far, you’re incredibly blessed to teach your children. Praise God for the wonderful opportunity to be both your child’s parent and teacher! “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end” (Jeremiah 29:11).

Lord, I lift up a grateful heart of praise and thank You for all my homeschooling joys. As we begin a new school year, please help me to appreciate the benefits of homeschooling even more. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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HEIDI M 08/26/2009 05:01:59

This was a tremendous encouragement for me to read. Thank you. Homeschool Mom of 4 in Des Moines

TERESA H 08/26/2010 18:47:38

This was a beautiful message for all moms, homeschoolers or not. We all need to treasure the time that we have with our babies and be content with what the Lord has given us. It is definitely easier said than done, but so much sweeter when do finally \"get it.\"

TERESA C 08/27/2010 11:19:26

I\'m going to bed early tonight!!

Leslie-Ann B 08/28/2010 14:48:12

Ihave so enjoyed the devotionals since I signed up. And as God would have it the message is always perfectly timed to encourage me or impart a necessary wisdom. Thank you for providing this edification.

HOLLIE H 08/26/2011 05:02:24

This means so much ! You\'ve said exactly what I needed to hear today! God bless you and all of the readers who are getting ready for this new school year! Praying that God will help us all to keep our focus on what really matters.

SUZANNE S 08/26/2011 05:08:15

Just what I needed to read this morning!!!! :)

ANEESHA J 08/26/2011 05:45:59

I appreciate these wonderful devotionals. I look foward to reading them. :)

LISA H 08/26/2011 06:27:26

Thanks for the reminder as we begin another school year!

SHARI S 08/26/2011 07:58:56

I am just starting to homeschool my 9 year old son. It can be overwhelming sometimes and doubts creep in. In those times I try to remind myself that God\'s grace is sufficient. This devotion was just what I needed to hear today! Thank you!

PATRICIA O 08/26/2011 08:59:42

very uplifiting(it also made me cry) thank you

VALERIE H 08/26/2011 09:27:02

Thanks for the mention of the one income home...we are just now going through the adjusment and it often weighs heavy on our minds. I have to always remember that God has a plan and that he will provide. I also try not to let it effect the learning experience for my kids. I don\'t want them to think that they are burdening us by staying home. Please know that this forum has provided us with so much inspiration and support. It helps to know that others are experiencing the same growing pains that we are. Also, I never realized that homeschooling would be the most emotionally fullfilling, not to mention taxing, experience of my life. I see emotional, spiritual and intelectual growth in my children every day and that brings so much joy to my heart, even when they have worked my last nerve. Thank you for your inspiration, God Bless You All!

JENNIFER G 08/26/2011 14:14:12

As a new homeschooler I see the value of the gifts outlined here. I have already experienced several of these.

CRYSTAL W 08/26/2011 14:36:12

I needed this for sure! This is going to our first year of homeschooling. I know that this is Gods will for our life! And I am trying to be aware of all my complaining!

ANN W 08/31/2011 14:34:17

Watching our 6 and 7 year sons as they have explained what they have learned during and after lessons has brought much joy and thankfulness to my soul. Seeing our 16 year old daughter grow into such an awesome young lady for Christ brings much gratitude for what God has done through the years when I felt like giving up.Our twelve year son keeps amazing me in who and what God is and will continue to do in him. Thank you God for the plans that you have for us and thank you for letting me see them. Grateful Heart Earlene (Baton Rouge, La)

KATHY S 08/26/2012 05:11:40

Similar the Author, had I only known..... I could do this homeschooling (in my case), I would have started homeschooling from the beginning, not 7th grade. But God is so good, we have our time together now, to learn, to spend time with the Lord together, my son can express himself freely and without worry what others may think. Thank you for this beautiful reflection. May God Bless you!

AUDRA K 08/26/2012 05:23:18

Love this devotional! So encouraging. Trust God to lead you to the correct choices and then relax in them as God is in control of our children\'s future not our homeschool curriculum choices. Praise God! God bless you all!

MARGARET H 08/26/2012 08:01:22

Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement! It is a blessing to home school and be with our children daily . Mine are growing so fast 2 are in high school and one starts 6th grade this year. We also have a daughter that is 23 and a son that is 25. Cherish your time :) Be Blessed and have a successful school year:) Margaret

SANDY M 08/26/2012 09:45:57

I am a new homeschooler this year and the first week was very \"different\" for me. By week two....I felt the Lord take the weight and give us wings.... and He gave me such JOY that we both are happy to work, and very thankful to be together learning at home. God doesn\'t call us to any job without giving us the Grace to accomplish it. Keep those devotionals coming! I love them.

JULIE M 08/26/2012 18:47:50

I was so encouraged by this e-mail. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with being able to homeschool all of my children again.

LILA H 08/26/2012 21:51:56

Lila H.-I, too, feel so blessed to have home schooled our children, now starting our 27th yr. I do feel that raising our children & homeschooling them has been such a God given passion in my life that we are adopting a 10 & 5 yr. old now. So it may be a life long ocupation! I am blessed to be living my dream!

JODI N 08/27/2012 06:43:26

These devotionals have been such a blessing and encouragement to me these last couple of weeks! I have recently made the decision to let go of a \"moonlighting\" job in order to have more time to spend with my family, as well as helping them with their homeschool assignments. I am trusting fully that the Lord will watch over us and help us through this time of a slightly lessened income. I am so thankful for these devotionals and so thankful that we are homeschooling our kids!

MARSHALL W 08/27/2012 07:16:03

I\'m not a \"If I had known\" just yet, this is our 1st school year, but looking at the comments I believe we have made the right decision. I have placed our decision in God\'s Hands knowing that if we are in His Will that everything necessary to accomplish His Will is already in the works. Marshall W. White Hall, AR

SANDY S 08/28/2012 06:50:58

Thank you for your positive, much needed encouragement at the beginning of our 25th year...God is so good & ...\'gently leads those that have young.\' Is 40:11 :)

TRACIE P 08/28/2012 14:44:38

As a home school mom of four (a 12 yr.old, soon to be 8 yr.old, and two 3 yr. old\'s) I very seldomly have time to read anything besides my bible, lesson plans, devotionals, and maybe the 2 books I started reading at the beginning of this year, with time being a commodityin my home, I have to say this was time very well spent.

LYNETTE HOLT 08/26/2013 13:20:03

As I read this, my son is on his way for his 1st day of college. I just got through praying that I have prepared him and given him all the tools and knowledge he needs for college. I never thought that I would feel so tested as a homeschooling mom as I do today. This is God speaking to me already. And I praise Him and thank Him for that.

STEPHANIE SURMAN-FALLS 05/21/2015 13:09:34

Wonderful, heartfelt comment... I especially like the ones about not second guessing your curriculum, and I too, wish if I had known how much fun this would be, I would have started this from the very beginning... Thank you for making me feel like even my worrying will play out in the end.. and still produce the best, most educated, happy, and God loving adults in society!

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