Is Your Homeschool Healthy?

Just as a medical checkup detects physical illness, a timely academic checkup can also diagnose weakness in your child's education. What better time to give your child a checkup than during the carefree days of summer? With no scheduled schooling, every homeschooling parent has additional free time to answer the question, "Is my child learning what he needs to know?"

Ease your homeschooling fears. The academic and placement tests from Alpha Omega Publications® (AOP) can easily evaluate your child's true educational condition. Whether you're teaching your child with the popular CD-ROM based curriculum, Switched-On Schoolhouse® (SOS), the traditional LIFEPAC® worktexts, or Horizons math, AOP's diagnostic tests keep your child's learning on track. Families who have children starting school for the first time or have children transferring from another school will also benefit from theses invaluable resources before they begin homeschooling.

Diagnostic and placement tests from AOP are inexpensive and painless to administer. Using SOS or LIFEPAC? Simply go online at Two free diagnostic tests in mathematics and language arts are available online, as well as additional tests which can be purchased for other core subjects.

Using Horizons Math? If you're teaching your child with award-winning Horizons math, readiness evaluations have been compiled into one, easy-to-use booklet for grades 1 - 6. Each test takes only 30 - 60 minutes to complete.

Why risk your child's educational health? Take the proper steps to find out if your child has any learning problems before the problems become lifelong academic ailments. Use AOP's diagnostic and placement tests today!

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