"Hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end" (Hebrews 3:6b).

Do you ever feel like you haven't accomplished a thing at the end of your homeschooling day? Do you look around and see even more piles of projects to finish and messes to clean up than when you started? Have your children learned a new set of multiplication tables today, but they've entirely forgotten the historical facts they learned about George Washington yesterday? Some days you may wonder if you can be your children's teacher. Maybe they would be better off if they went to school. Stop! Think about what just went through your mind. From where are those thoughts coming? Are they from the One who called you to teach your children and promised you the strength to do it, or are they from the one who would see you fail?

Every homeschooling mother second guesses herself from time to time. After a difficult day, we all question whether we heard God right when He asked us to homeschool our children. We're not alone. Even great men of God faced similar doubts when God called them to difficult tasks. Men like Moses, Gideon, and David all struggled with their anxieties in serving God, too. Yet, God knew their hearts, and He provided the confirmation and the assurance they needed to remain faithful in doing what He asked. "I called upon the LORD in distress: the LORD answered me, and set me in a large place" (Psalm 118:5).

God is waiting to do the same for you today. If you're wondering how you are going to get through homeschooling today, simply take a moment now and pray something like this:

Father, my faith is weak. Please, fill me with Your presence and confirm again to me that I am doing Your will in homeschooling our children. Strengthen me to follow You in obedience and help me to commit this day to You for Your glory. In the name of Your dear Son, Jesus, Amen.

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Comments(10 comments)

PAMELA B 02/05/2009 11:57:04

I really have to say that this devotional really came right on time. I just suscribed last week and was about to pull my hair out. I have been making the curriculum for both of my children since July of last year and they both have very different needs. I find myself crying a lot thinking that I can't be doing any better than the schools were but I remember what my son was going through on a daily basis and it snaps me out of it. I thought that everything planned out for the day had to be accomplished, house cleaned and still run my business and be available to minister as well to others when needed. I find after reading this devotional, I can breathe, relax, look up and know that God knows my heart and the desire for my children to excel and flourish in him; as well as be home with me and my husband. The tough days will pay off and I will be rewarded for my faithfullness and diligents. Thank you for the support.

Mrs. Pamela J. Bankston


Austin, TX.

BRENDA S 02/05/2009 18:54:43

This devotion was right on time for me as well. I feel as if we have accomplished nothing this week. So many outside influences prove to distract us from any kind of schedule. I often question whether my kids would not be better off learning in a classroom. The devotion reminded me today to identify where or from whom these thoughts come. I know they come from a place of weakness and not of faith. Reading these devotions helps me to clear my mind of these questions and worries and look to God who will always give me the strength to accomplish what He has called me to do. Thanks so much for the encouragement.


New Mexico

DANIELLE P 02/05/2011 06:09:59

I really needed this too! Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the "what about poor me's"! Then I eventually remember that life isn't about me, it is about God and homeschooling maybe isn't about me, it is about my children. A friend shared with me that when she questions why SHE chose to homeschool God reminds her that He chose for her to homeschool and that she is homeschooling because it is what her CHILDREN need at this time.

Many thanks to Pam and Brenda for their encouraging words.



SEHJI S 02/05/2011 10:44:05

Take heart! We've "homeschooled" for almost 20 years. I guess I'm more of an UNschool-er. In fact, I'm not sure that any of my kids have ever finished a complete year of anything! And yet... our 3 oldest (28, 24 and 21) are all in college (undergrad and master's programs), our 16 yo is finishing her second novel (and they are GOOD) and our youngest (14) loves SOS and does double lessons.

Just love them... teach them to love God... encourage them to think... give them as much of the basics as you can and then let them FLY!

ELAINE P 02/05/2011 18:35:38

Thank you for this post, I will make a copy and keep it in my plan book. Since this is my first year of home schooling (4 kids, 3 of which are former public schoolers) I have many days of self doubt. Not sure if I am doing the right thing or if I am covering enough material. This post was very encouraging.

LISA G 02/05/2012 07:03:16

Thank you! And, thank you again for this devotion. And Moms for all your comments. I, too am a homeschooling Mom in my second year but we have just recently returned from China after adopting our 2nd child who is 5 years old and does not speak any English except the words we have taught her. Now up until preparing for our journey to China, I was doing pretty well with homeschooling my 6 year old. But, we have been home I have slacked BIG TIME! Life has been so crazy busy! I haven't had time to breathe, let alone get on track with lessons. I feel have neglected my oldest and keep apologizing to her. She tells me, "It"s ok Mommy! At least I get to spend the day with you and my new sister!" I will now put my focus solely on God as He does know my heart! Thank you to everyone for the thoughtful, encouraging words. God's abundant blessings to all of you



ANYA C 02/05/2012 07:56:25

Wow! All these posts are so encouraging and said right from the heart. I've been reading these devotionals every morning now since I began homeschooling for the first year with my 11 yr. old. daughter. It's been tough going! She is so behind in everything from being passed through the public school system, that we are doing a lot of re-learning. Some days I know it's going to be alright...I just need to stay confident in the choice God has presented us with. Then other days...I question myself, God and anything else I can question. But, I know that inner battle is not from God. God wants us to succeed and will make a way for that to happen. Thank you Sehji S for that last part of your post to "love them, teach them to love God, etc." That encouraged me greatly, as do all the other comments from the other homeschoooling parents. This devotional is a huge blessing...Praise God!!


Taos, NM

KATHY S 02/05/2012 10:20:21

Thank you for this devotional.

I look around my house with piles and piles of things to do. My Mom always needs our help as she is a widow and elderly. We are trying to "work out" in leiu of gym class(mainly for health reasons). And I think maybe we should start classes on Saturday too, just to keep up.

But , then I realize, if we pray hard enough, God will give me the wisdom, and my son the motivation to catch up,

I'm actually not sure exactly where we should be at as I pulled my child out of the "homebound schooling"program he was in this December.

We bought completely different curriculum from what his teacher was using that he was assingned through the school district, and we started from the beginning of all the books.

God is in control, and I would never consider putting my son back in any Public school. So, I guess I'll read these devotionals, pray, and it will all work out. in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

Philippa Mann 02/05/2015 22:01:46

Thank you so much for your daily encouragements. We have only recently started homeschooling 3 of our children, and I cannot believe the personal spiritual attack I have received. I have been bombarded with doubts, even though I know that it is what the Lord has asked us to do. Your emails have come at just the right time, and my husband and I both have felt the Lord encourage us through them. God bless you all, and especially all those who are facing similar opposition at this time. Philippa, United Kingdom

Kathleen Crippen 02/06/2015 15:08:25

I used to substitute teach for public schools one day a week when my husband had a day off. I also felt overwhelmed by the public school machine. But then began to realize the machine was needed to herd large numbers of children around. I can teach in 20 minutes.minutes at home what the public can't teach in 2days. In the teacher's lounge, one teacher said "we're just trying to keep them from killing each other." The content mastery teachers were afraid of the kids and the kids expected to be given the answers. The teachers would return fom lunchroom duty because they were treated so rudely. There ere many wonderful teachers and students but the attacks by legal fears rules everything. It seemed to me the students did well in spite of the schools not because of them. Stand fast. Tx

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