Monarch FAQs: How Do I Reassign Coursework?

If you find yourself with questions while using Monarch online curriculum, we hope you will reach out to us by phone or even on Facebook for help, but we also have resources for you to access after business hours.

On our AOP YouTube channel, we have a series of Monarch FAQ videos, and today, we want to dive even deeper into one of these videos to support first-time and returning Monarch users.

Reassigning Coursework
If your child struggles on an assignment, you may want her to review the material and redo the questions. With Monarch, doing this is easy. From your parent sign in, you can go to “Assigned Work” and expand the drop down on the left to view any assignment. Shaded in assignments are completed assignments. To clear a whole assignment so your child can redo it, just click on the name of the assignment and choose the big blue button that says “Clear Work.”

You can also reassign just individual questions. To do this, open up the assignment by choosing “Review Student Work” and click on the question you want to reassign. Hit the “Clear” button in the yellow area in the bottom right of the page.

When you clear work to be reassigned, it completely clears out the old answers. Some parents like to retain old work so the student can practice revising rather than starting from scratch. If you want to keep answers, choose “Print Problems Review” from within an assignment to print a version of the lesson with your child’s original answers. You can print a physical copy or save it electronically as a pdf. Once you’ve “printed” a version with your child’s first answers, you can go back and clear the whole lesson or clear individual questions as laid out above.

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