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Does your high school student need to meet a credit requirement in speech? Do you want to brush up his knowledge of American war history or give him a head start on college math courses? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then Alpha Omega Publications (AOP) has good news for you. AOP can help you with any or all of these course needs with our new, computer-based Switched-On Schoolhouse® electives. Act now to begin your spring semester on the right foot. Call 800-622-3070 or click on the links below to add these electives to your high school student's courses today!

Speech: Essentials of Communication
Transform your shy teenager into a confident public speaker! Made for grades 9-12, this elective teaches your child how to interact effectively in today's world. Topics cover the fundamentals of communication, interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, and public speaking. Your child also will learn how to plan, prepare, deliver, and evaluate presentations!

The Civil War
Spark your child's interest in American history! Get the in-depth elective that examines one of the most crucial points in American history - the Civil War. This exciting course for grades 9-12 covers the division of the Confederate States of America and the Union, major war figures like Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee, pivotal battles, and the Reconstruction.

Vietnam Era
Help your student understand America's past! This interesting elective for grades 9-12 motivates teenagers to delve into the history of the unpopular Vietnam War and its consequences. Topics include the Vietnamese country and people, the United States' involvement and military strategy, the role of the cold war, the loss of civilian and soldier life, and the war's aftermath.

Give your child a head start on college math! Made for students who've completed Algebra II, this knowledge-building elective for grades 9-12 prepares high school students for future advanced math courses with "real world" applications. Topics include right angle trigonometry, graphing, trigonometric identities, the laws of sine and cosine, and polar coordinates.

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Comments(11 comments)

TERESA C 02/23/2009 13:05:59

Perfect fit for our whole gang!!! Thanks a million!

NATALIE S 02/26/2009 14:45:41

hmmmmmmmm sounds interesting

TRICIA B 04/01/2009 20:42:32

Geography. Just what my 11th grader needs for graduation. Thanks! Just one more great elective.

RACHAEL R 06/11/2009 14:16:08

Adult doing Brit. Literature just for a review course. It isn't bad at all. Need a lot of memory in the compture. But I'm learning more with this than when I took it in Highschool!

KRIS M 09/23/2009 08:19:38

My 10th grader recently started World Geography and is having problems finding links that are necessary for completion of the homework. The message for "Great Circle Mapper" says unavailable. This is a brand new curriculum - thought you would have up-to-date links.

RYAN P 10/11/2009 11:57:30

Like Kris, I'm having a bit of trouble finding the "Great Circle Mapper" The link provided in the course is non functional. Error Page.

CARL V 10/12/2009 12:34:32

Kris and Ryan,

We value you as customers and appreciate the time you took to inform us of this issue. Our product development staff is currently investigating this error, and it should be resolved shortly.

BRET C 03/05/2010 19:51:35

Our family has been using Alpha Omega for 6 years. My youngest son is currently using Alpha Omega in 9th grade. We really like the format of the curriculum. I love the bible verses and the Christian views that are integrated through the lessons. My son loves all of the Alpha Omega subjects, especially Science and Math. He plans on being a Petroleum Engineer. Thank you.

TANYA P 10/01/2010 00:02:07

hey, i have a novel idea how about a computer lit course its required in my state high school and may be us less savy adults could learn a thing or two. it also seems to be nessary for children doing so much study there. also how about a typeing course?

RYAN E 10/01/2010 06:07:38

Hi Tanya,

Thanks for stopping by. We already offer both of these. Computer lit can be found here:, and our Typing Instructor course can be found here:

JOHN S 02/26/2011 09:51:23

I love the SOS curriculim. Does anyone know of a college that offers courses in the same format? I know many offer them online but I do not have internet all the time. I like the way SOS is set up and my daughter loves it as well!

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