Discover Fun-filled Health and P.E. Electives from AOP!

Summer's almost here! Take advantage of extra free time and teach your child healthy living habits! Alpha Omega Publications® offers several flexible, Bible-based health courses for grades PreK-12 that are fun to learn, easy to teach, and affordable. To order these exciting curriculum options, simply call 800-622-3070 or shop online today!

® Health Quest and
High School Health

Enhance the well-being of your homeschool family with our award-winning, desktop curriculum, Switched-On Schoolhouse® High School Health for grades 8-12 and Health Quest for grades 4-7! Using cutting-edge technology, these popular, five-unit computer courses use a variety of eye-catching multimedia and hands-on learning activities to keep your child excited about learning important health topics such as nutrition, fitness, first aid, and more

LIFEPAC® Health Quest and High School Health
Fast track your child to healthier living with AOP's student-directed, worktext-based LIFEPAC High School Health for grades 8-12 and Health Quest for grades 4-7. Each of these two, one-semester health courses is perfect for meeting state health homeschooling requirements. Both courses include a teacher's guide and five colorful, consumable worktexts that allow for personalized instruction with flexible, self-paced lessons on nutrition, body systems, personal hygiene, safety, disease and prevention, physical fitness, mental health, and more!

Horizons Health and Physical Education
Make the most of your summertime schedule with AOP's new Horizons Health sets. These engaging, fun-filled health courses for grades K-8 come with a step-by-step teacher's guide, a colorful, student workbook filled with hands-on activities, and an additional full-color reader for students in grades 3-6. In-depth, Christ-centered lessons cover 11 health themes that range from growth and development to safety and first aid.

Divided into four complete teacher's guides for Preschool-12th grade, Horizons Physical Education encourages physical activity for life by teaching healthy living and exercise from a Christian perspective. Student activities and interactive lessons focus on building strength, endurance, flexibility, motor skills, game knowledge, exercise techniques, and lifelong healthy practices!

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