Stricter Judgment

"My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation" (James 3:1).

Just when I started to feel good about my teaching abilities as a homeschooling parent, God's Word challenged me again. After reading Romans 12:7 and 1 Corinthians 12:29, I realized that teaching was more than a job. It was a spiritual gift that James 3:1 says is subject to God's stricter judgment. Knowing this, validating the accuracy of what I was teaching became of utmost importance. Someday the Lord would hold me accountable for what I had taught my children about Him, and I wanted to prove myself as an unashamed teacher when handling the Word of Truth (2 Timothy 3:16).

As I looked to the Bible for examples of great teachers, the life of Moses stood out to me. Because Moses had done so much to help the people of Israel know their God, I could never understand why he was not allowed to enter the Promised Land. Why couldn't God cut Moses a little slack when he failed to speak to the rock as God commanded (Numbers 20:8-13)? Meditating on this, I realized that Moses was held accountable with a stricter judgment because he was a teacher, as well as a leader. His disobedience affected not only him, but all the people who looked to him for wisdom and knowledge in following God.

As a homeschooling parent, do you realize the importance of correctly teaching your child the Word of God? Your child may receive scriptural teaching in church and Sunday school, but his foundational understanding of God will come from your biblical knowledge. No one knows all the answers, but you must be prepared to teach God's Word. Teaching the Bible requires time, effort, and serious lesson preparation. "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more" (Luke 12:48b).

Lord, thank You for the gift of teaching You have placed on my life. Give me wisdom to understand Your Word, so I can impart its truths to my children. Help me to make the Bible the first subject to study in our homeschooling day. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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DONNA J 02/25/2009 15:17:30

This is such a timely and vitally important word from God.

I know for a fact that many homeschooling parents just don't get this.

I pray for the eyes of their understanding to be enlightened so that they can live up to the Lord's standard in this; and most importantly, so that their children can truly learn about the importance of God's Word and personal relationship with Him while they're still young.

SHERRI A 02/24/2011 11:12:37

I am concerned that teaching may not be my\"gift\". I want to home school my kids, but I have never felt it to be my gift. I depend on God\'s promise to provide what I need. If He wills me to home school my kids next year, meaning I withdraw them from public school this May, wont He enable me to teach? I thought He was opening the doors and confirming our prayers.

ASHLEY M 02/24/2011 22:12:25

Oh Sherri, if GOD has put it on your heart to homeschool HE will provide all the ability you need as you seek HIM for answers. Remember Moses tried to make excuses as to why he shouldn\'t be the one to free the Isrealites and talk to Pharoh, but GOD proved himself faithful and Aaron spoke for Moses. Our abilities and talents never take us all the way, GOD\'s wisdom, resources, and knowlegde is how each mother truly committed to homeschooling will complete the course as she looks to GOD. Talk to the LORD about your concerns in faith believing that HE will supply what is needed for you to homeschool. Remember James 1:5, it has always come true for me when I earnestly seek HIM!

JOHN & REBECCA B 02/24/2012 04:40:46

God bless the staff at AOP for keeping us connected to the Word of God while we homeschool our children. All we need is faith as small as a mustard seed.(Matthew 17:20)

DEBBIE H 02/24/2012 06:21:46


JANIE V 02/24/2012 08:09:41

I am new to homeschooling and I face the fear of not being good enough. I had to remove my child from public schools due to bullying issues. I am a mom of 3 and I also own a business which requires me to work part time away from home.I started feeling overwhelmed and started feeling like I wasn\'t smart enough to handle such big responsibility. I know that with God all things are possible and I just need everyone to pray for me that I will gain the confidence I need to make this journey successful for my son and I. Thanks you all.

LYNN S 02/24/2012 12:37:15

Janie V and Sherri A, my prayers are with you as you struggle in this decision. Jesus will walk you through it and lead you and guide you and

direct you. It is his purpose, I believe that all parents be the first person

to show them the love of Christ. I believe that the created order of a family

and it\'s design validates that understanding. However we face a deceptive

enemy everyday who also leads us astray. He distracts us, hinders us and misleads us. When we find ourselves with a new vision concerning the Spiritual education of our children we can become confused, frustrated

and discouraged. I believe, based on my own experience, that Jesus sees

our hearts desire and intention to be redirected and will send you help. For now you might not be able to homeschool. You may need the help of Godly friends and start a bible study under their leadership on weekends.

You might try reading the bible nightly with them and praying with them cocncerning the struggles they face in the public schools.

For me and our family, Home Education was a process we started after 7 years for my 14 year old and 6 years for my 11 year old in the public school. I was a faithful Church member and later a Sunday School teacher

for 13 years. I was a hands on Mom who taught my children about Jesus and worked with them in their studies. However when I recieved the \"calling\" to home school, I was terrified and cried out to Jesus. He began to show me the wrong path I had taken and how I had let others influence my decisions as a parent and he began to lead me down a new path to where I am now. We have been at this process for 2 years. Keeping it simple and making it more about the development of our relationship with Christ and our spiritual maturity and discipleship has been eye-opening. We even changed Churches due to lack of support and let well-meaning family members know that this is OUR calling. If they are concerned we are on the wrong path, they are reminded to pray to Jesus about it.

Also, I mean no offense to anyone but I chose to not get involved in Homeschooling events and lean on others ( for now) so that I would not suffer insecurity and doubt when tempted to compare our circumstances to someone elses. I believe in God\'s timing he will send support as truly needed. My own sister( who is a teacher in a public school) has been a huge source of support in her prayers and advice and (praise Jesus) she has admitted that she herself has been helped and she prays for her students too now. Please be careful who you listen to and please know that at the end of the day this is about you, your husbands and your children. I see this entire process as a preperation process for missionary

work in the future and to be able to encourage others, like yourself who struggle. Let Jesus open the doors in his timing and be ready to step through at the appointed time. I hope and Pray my experience may encourage you and may Jesus bless you now with Peace and Joy while you wait and learn.

CINDY H 02/24/2012 17:47:47

Thank You! :}

KIMBERLY SCHOONOVER 02/24/2013 15:21:35

Thank you so much for the encouragement! I'm learning this journey is not about me and all about Him! I'm encouraged as I keep my focus on Him! Thank you for all the encouragement and prayers!!!

PAMELA SIMPSON 02/24/2013 19:25:16

I also believe that Biblical study should be our first and foremost effort for our children. I also feel so ashamed and so much like a hypocrite as I have been facing many devastating challenges over the pastfew years. As a singe parent, I am required to work more hours than usual in order to meet basic bills in my home. My son has fallen behind in his studies over the past 3 years, i have been diagnosed with a catastrophic illness, mounting medical bills from those first tests, first specialist visit, etc. I cannot afford to even make a payment plan for these. At home, I am losing my son due to the time away from home. There are no relatives or friends to turn to for advice or support. I need prayer desperately for support anf for God's leading in my schooling efforts. Pray that my son will step up to his responsibilities in his schoolwork and that the thoughts of going to a public school will be extinguished. Rebellion is our worst enemy at this time. No father, adopted baby, he needs strong church leadership and love. I am also praying for leading to a good church family as the church where we are is not supportive in any way toB homeschooling or leading a young man (14 yr old) outside of church events. Please, please pray ferventky that God will move in a miraculous way in my situation. P.s. need reccomendations for Bible study or curriculum.

TERESA SULLIVAN 02/24/2013 23:13:31


I am praying as I type this for you and your son. Is there a local or state home school group to consult with regarding catching your son up? In the junior high years subjects are redundant, which means these are the years perfect for "catching up". Math has been the primary catch up subject for my (just turned) 13 year old. Now, I am focusing harder on reading. Next year my extra effort will be reading and writing. This does not mean we are not doing the other subjects, this just means this is where I put more effort.

As far as getting cooperation, have you tried letting him make out a schedule once you have informed him of the week's requirements, and sitting with him through difficult subjects (if you have time). What about giving him "Man of the house privileges?". Most of all, do at least get in touch with someone from your state homeschool association for advice dealing with your teen. I bet someone there would have some good advice.

TAMI THOMPSON 02/25/2013 14:29:01

Lynn S, Thank You for the wonderful advice! Everyone, go and read hers!

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