Under the Bed

I'm sure I wasn't the first mother who had to deal with her child's deception while homeschooling. One day I found toys that were supposed to have been picked up and put away pushed under my son's bed. I sat down on the bed and wished I could escape the correction that needed to take place in my child's life. The mess under the bed would be much easier to ignore than dealing with my child. Thankfully, at least this deception could be fixed, even though the time needed to discipline would rob teaching time from our homeschooling day.

Many years ago, Jacob's deception couldn't be fixed when he fooled his father, Isaac, into blessing him instead of his brother, Esau. At his mother's prompting, Jacob went the full length in deceiving his father by feeling, smelling, sounding, and acting like Esau as he prepared his father's favorite meal. Jacob walked away, stealing the blessing of his father and the firstborn birthright intended for Esau (Genesis 27). Esau anguished in his heart that no blessing was left for him (Hebrews 12:16-17).

However, it was many years before that blessing was enjoyed. In fear of his brother's wrath, Jacob fled to another country and was alienated from his family. After working seven long years for his wife, Jacob experienced Laban's deception when he substituted his daughter Leah for Rachel at the wedding. Although Jacob was allowed to marry Rachel a week later, he was forced to suffer an additional seven years of working for his father-in-law.

Deception always works that way. What seems to be an immediate reward turns out to be an ongoing burden. Are you trying to make your life easier by hiding things "under the bed"? Do you think no one sees the deceptive patterns you've allowed to take over your life, such as little white lies, taking advantage of the goodness of others, or making others look bad, so you can get ahead? Unlike Isaac, God isn't fooled, and He sees and knows what you are doing. Will you confess and repent today and let God discipline you to fix the mess you have made? He's the only One who can.

Lord, search my heart and reveal those things that are dishonoring to You. Forgive me for allowing deception into my life. Help me recognize the temptation when it comes and stand in the power of Your name to fight this form of lying. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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CONNIE D 10/12/2008 11:35:13

"He suffered an additional seven years of working for his father-in-law before he was allowed to marry Rachel, the woman he loved."

Hi, I just wanted to point out that Jacob actually married Rachel 7 days after he had married Leah. He still had to work another 7 years for Laban but he was married to both Leah and Rachel during those 7 years. Thank-you for these daily devotions, they are a powerful resource to focus on God when we are so busy we lose sight of our real goals. C

SISTER L 10/13/2008 07:47:16

Good analogy about the toys hiding. While the time to correct a child robs us of the academic portion of our teaching, the spiritual growth that comes from such correction is of greater importance than academics. Although you didn't tell us what happened to your child that morning, I am sure you were pleased with the outcome.

CARL V 10/13/2008 09:53:50

Connie D.,

Thanks for bringing this information to our attention. We appreciate the feedback we receive from readers like you. We have updated the devotional to reflect your commment, so the information is now biblically accurate.

MAYA T 10/12/2011 06:45:36

This is exactly what I have been going through with my children when it comes to them cleaning and doing things that I ask them to do and they half way do them. It grieves me terribly to the point that I broke down yesterday more than I have ever done yesterday.

This devotional is so timely because yesterday I had to tell my daughter i was sorry for my words to her that hurt her because i was so angry that I would do anything for them but when it comes to them doing what I ask them to do, they don\' t in turn do it for me and I have been taking it so personal. They should want to do things for me. But it is God they are serving and I am serving God as well.

I repent of my attitude and the things that I said that hurt my children yesterday because I let my attitude get the best of me. I still should have called upon the Lord no matter how tired I was of this situation to help me deal with it verses me lashing out in anger and I was wrong. I should have disciplined each of my children. They will not grow and renew their thinking unless they are taught to do better. Me having a \"fit\" wont do anything.

Thank you for this devotion.

CAMERA R 10/12/2011 07:39:39

Amazing. I am working with my 2 children in a book about baptism. Our lesson today was on Psalm 139:1-4

This fits right in with us today!!!

BRENNA H 10/12/2011 08:02:33

Dear Carl v. I appreciate that AOP take the time to correct these devotions so quickly. It is so important to treat the word of God with such care and dedication. Thank you. P.s. Thank you Connie for being so informed on the word also. We serve an Awesome God. Peace and prayers, Brenna

STEVE E 10/12/2011 08:29:34

I like how the old expression goes \"What goes around, comes around\". So true in this biblical story and in the lives of us teaching our children. Often we teach the way we were taught, not always the best way, but we are creatures of habit.

I used to sneek around to take my son out for ice creams when we were trying to be on diets with my husband who is a diabetic. I would hide the reciept and make sure we paid cash, and then tell my son not to tell Daddy, because he might get mad at us.

NOW... My son likes to hide things because he thinks they are things we will not like. But he is learning that the things he is hiding aren\'t really bad things at all. I am learning that I have, over time, instilled fears and worries in our son that he did not need to have. We are increasing good communication and better habits. Being open and honest is the key.

Jacobs Mother encouraged her sons deception. But did she need to? By doing so she created a hostile home for herself to live in and her favorite son was gone. Sometimes when we think we are helping we are actually pushing away that which we love most.

I have to repent of encouraging secret behaviors by hiding things that my husband would not like, I am teaching my son to be suspicious and sneeky about things that really do not matter. I will no longer do this silly thing and if I want a treat I will just admit to it.

Thanks for the eye opener....good devo today !

TRACEY D 10/12/2012 05:23:30

Thank you for sharing, although I know the incident in the Bible, i never put it together until you made it obvious of why God allowed Jacob to reap what he did. And a much more costly lesson to learn.

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