Building the Machine Breaks Down Common Core

Building the Machine is a carefully crafted, investigative documentary that sets out to disclose the who, what, where, when, why, and how behind the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI), better known as Common Core.

A compelling account of the biggest educational reform in recent American history, HSLDA’s new film presents facts, figures, timelines, and testimonies that answer questions about Common Core’s origins, its potential impact on education and homeschooling, and what a set of nationwide educational standards could mean for today’s students and tomorrow’s future.

Four years of digging into the story surrounding Common Core allowed HSLDA, a nonprofit homeschooling advocacy group, to piece together a fascinating, 40-minute think piece that takes a hard look at the ramifications of what detractors say amounts to no more than a national curriculum.

Forty-four states have adopted the CCSSI and receive federal funding for implementing the initiative, which proponents say will prepare students for success in college and in the work force. However, some of those 44 states are hesitant to launch Common Core in the face of national backlash against a system that will try to force students to reach identical benchmarks.

“As the pedagogical weakness and ballooning implementation cost of the standards becomes evident, many adopting states are scrambling to delay or defund implementation,” states HSLDA’s Common Core website.

Building the Machine arouses a whole line of questioning behind the logic and validity of academic benchmarks that allow little to no room for students to learn at their own pace.

What is your impression of the film? What did you take away from the film, or what moments stayed with you?

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