Coloring Contest Draws 662 Entries

Alpha Omega Publications' homeschool coloring contest brought in an incredible 662 entries from students in grades K-6, requiring three rounds of judging to narrow the colorful array of artwork down to three winners.

Railey Berney - 1st Place(Click on the names to see the winning entries.)
1st Place
Railey Berney
4th Grade
Shreveport, Louisiana

2nd Place
Chase Williams
5th Grade
Coatesville, Pennsylvania

3rd Place
Alissa Lytle
1st Grade
Fairbury, Nebraska

For their outstanding efforts, Railey received the LIFEPAC Drawing Basics Set with Thomas Kinkade, Chase received the book The Usborne Book of Art Ideas, and Alissa received a set of The Usborne I Can Draw elementary art books.

Eight-year-old Railey was speechless when her mom, Jamie, told her she had won. Also, Deanna Lytle was delighted to hear that six-year-old Alissa had placed in the top three.

"It's awesome. She worked so hard, so this was great for her," Deanna said. "She draws pictures every single day for family and friends. She's always loved coloring, ever since she was two."

Like Alissa, runner-up Chase began displaying artistic talent as a toddler. When the fifth-grader heard she'd taken second in the coloring contest, she beamed.

"It's like Christmas morning!" she told her mom, Denise, who has carved her own creative niche as a commercially successful gourd artist. Chase recently began decorating recycled household jars with small gourds she paints herself, hoping to sell them through her mom's website and donate a portion of the profits to malnourished children. Only eight years old, Chase also illustrates the costumes in a series of Christian children's books that she and her mom co-author.

Honorable mentions in AOP's homeschool coloring contest go to Jordan Carver of Sumas, Washington; Katherine Cortes of Jacksonville, Florida; Kristiana Engel of Evansville, Wisconsin; Benjamin Jones of Accokeek, Maryland; Eden Jones of Edmond, Oklahoma; and W. Josiah Valentine of Fleetwood, Pennsylvania.

Thanks to all the young artists and parents who participated, and congratulations to our three winners!

What other kinds of contests would you like to see AOP hold? Share your ideas in the comment field below!

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