Homeschooling & Social Media

Homeschooling and Social Media

Find out how social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest can benefit you as a homeschooler and get a better grasp of how the sites work.

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Pinterest users create interest boards where they can pin photos and links to their favorite content from the web. Each board has a name and followers. A particularly popular resource for projects and recipes, Pinterest has also drawn an active homeschool following and collection of free learning resources like manipulatives, project printables, and copywork. One such board, Learning at Home, boasts over 7,000 followers. Its visual appeal, overload of information, and DIY-type topics have made Pinterest especially popular among women. For more information, view our blog post on how to use Pinterest to its full potential as a homeschooler.

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With half a billion active users who send an average of 58 million tweets per day, Twitter represents instant connection to anyone in the world in 140 characters or less. This limited word count has inspired some teachers to use Twitter to teach writing and composition.

Named according to their topics and used with hashtags, Twitter chats are live, scheduled forums that take place around the clock on nearly any topic imaginable, including homeschooling. Search Twitter for chats you can join, such as #HSBloggers Twitter Tuesday @hsblogging.

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Instagram is a photo editing and sharing app for smart phones and tablets. It allows users to apply filters to photos taken on their phones and post them. You can also like and comment on others’ images, add hashtags to your photo descriptions to make your images searchable, and “tag” people with @handles. The images are visible to the public by default, however, so having the right privacy settings is critical.

To see a list of 150 homeschool moms you can follow, check out iHomeschool Network’s Homeschoolers on Instagram page.

If you have a social media site dedicated to homeschooling, please share the link in the comment field below!

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