Summer Bucket List for an At-Home Summer

Uncertainty about the coronavirus is still affecting many normal summer activities, but there is still so much fun to be had this summer! For some inspiration, we’ve put together a summer bucket list perfect for an at-home summer.

Grow something.
With more time at home this summer, it’s a perfect opportunity to teach your child (and put into practice yourself) the patience and care it takes to cultivate growth. Though it’s later in the growing season, there’s still time to plant a vegetable, a flower, or tree and spend the summer caring for it.

Find a natural swimming spot.
Public pools and other usual swim spots might be closed this summer, but this is a great opportunity to get adventurous and find a natural swimming spot near you. Depending on where you live, you might need to be willing to drive a bit farther, but get creative! You never know what swimming holes are just down the road. If you’re uncertain about the safety of swimming in a certain spot, be sure to check with your local city officials.

Plan for and put on an event.
An exciting part of many summer camps is that campers work towards a big event at the end, such as a science fair, a concert, or a theatrical performance. Even with many camps closed this summer, you can still help your child work towards putting on an “event.” For example, check out our blog on how to host a family talent show for some ideas.

Learn a new skill.
Though summer is when most families take a break from homeschooling, learning never stops! Learn an out-of-the-box skill this summer. If you’re not sure what would interest your kids, do a search for “most interesting hobbies” or “hobbies for kids.”

Train for a physical accomplishment.
Choosing a physical goal to train for can keep your family healthy this summer, but it can also be a great lesson in planning, discipline, and perseverance. Depending on the age of you child, the goal might be a long bike ride, running a 5K, or even tackling a half marathon!

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