Top 10 Reasons We Love Homeschooling

Top 10 Reasons We Love Homeschooling

How do we love thee, homeschooling? Let us count the ways. From the opportunity to spend more time with our kids to perks like sleeping in and teaching in PJ’s, these are a few of our favorite responses to a recent Facebook poll question that asked, “What do you love about homeschooling?”

1. More Family Time.
“Being with my children. Watching their relationship with Christ and each other grow stronger. I know this is such a special time in all our lives.” – Dana Price Casey

“My kids’ being able to hug me whenever they want!” – Brenda Greenhow

“Having my kids home with me ... I love having them here where they brighten up my day.” – Karen Marshall

2. Flexibility.
“Flexibility with our schedule, what we learn, how we learn, and when!” – Dan'nJill Fuhrman

“I have the flexibility to use whatever curriculum I decide what works for each child. Flexibility to spend our days doing things our way.” – Martie Hawkins

3. Freedom.
“We love not being tied down to a strict time schedule. There is so much freedom in homeschooling to enjoy learning and all the experiences of living.” – Kim Smith

“The freedom of what to teach my children.” – April Williams

“Deciding when we want snow days!” – Rebecca Stoudnour King

“Schooling in our pajamas!” – Jayme Swearingen

4. Learning Side by Side.
“Sleeping in! I also love that I am constantly learning along with my kids. They say you learn the most by teaching a subject to others, I think that means we as homeschoolers are becoming brilliant.” – Bernadette Barron Audet

“I appreciate the lessons God is teaching me through my kids! I am so thankful I have this freedom.” – Kristy Teesdale

5. God in the Lessons.
“I think the #1 thing I love is being able to begin all knowledge in respect, love, and fellowship with God.” – Sandy Novotny

“Being with my kids, writing our own schedule, teaching to my kids strengths, taking as long as we need to on a subject, safety, morals, values, and most importantly, God is included in everything we do! We are so blessed!” – Melissa Perry George

6. Light Bulb Moments.
“Enjoying that moment when they grasp a new concept and cheering them on!” – Kimberly Chandler-Portzline

“Being with my kids and seeing their eyes light up when they ‘get it.’” – Kristine Cannell Dubielak

“Spending more time with my daughter and helping her learn! It brings great joy to me to see the look on her face when she gets something right!” – Cheryl Gilbert 'Price'

7. Home Safe.
“Having the kids at home safe and being able to use Christian literature for the children.” –Willie Marie Reeves Evans

“My kids are safe at home.” – Joann Gillman-Lentz

8. Content control.
Knowing what they’re learning and controlling it. If I have an issue, I don’t have to call for a conference with the teacher just to find out how my kid spends the day.” – Nicole McCall

“Being able to have my family together, to be able to teach what I feel my son needs.” – Lori Foutch-Denton

“Not having 6-8 hours of influence of kids being taught the opposite of what I am trying to instill in them.” – Crystal Bauman

9. No Guessing.
“Knowing what my kids are being taught.” – Tammy Godwin Roberts

have to worry about who is around her or what she is learning.” – Crystal Dison Lee

10. Raising Individuals.
“Not having some teacher tell me my child is a problem or is not performing well because he does things differently.” – Paige Pitcher

“Watching my kids learn and grow. Knowing they get individual attention and master all skills and are not being pushed through.” – Jessica Lynn Guinn

“We don’t have to look perfect or be perfect every day. Growing in grace and shedding off perfectionism in relationship with Jesus is my favorite personal benefit. Oh, and spontaneous dance breaks in the middle of the living room.” – Leah Cornwell

What do you love about homeschooling? Please share your thoughts in the comment field below.

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