AOP Language Arts Curriculum
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Intro to Language Arts
AOP offers language arts courses to help children develop foundational skills for all areas of life. Courses follow major themes of reading, speaking and listening, writing, spelling, grammar, and composition. Children from Pre-K Three’s through grade 12 can find solutions to meet their needs. Semester and year-long courses are available depending on the grade level.
Core Language Arts Courses
AOP weaves the English skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking together throughout units. Choose between single subjects within language arts or get a complete grade set in print or online.
Language Electives
Develop proficient speakers, writers, readers and critical thinkers in English, French and Spanish with AOP.
Student Engagement Opportunities
Ignite Christian Academy helps students build friendships through interests with online classes, student clubs, monthly engagement opportunities and more. With ICA, your child isn’t socially isolated. In fact, your child can thrive as a social butterfly building connections around the world with ICA’s online school. 
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