Meet Inspiring Moms and Dads from AOP’s Social Media Awards

For the past two years, Alpha Omega Publications has been active within the homeschool communities of Facebook and Twitter. Through our involvement, we have developed relationships with several inspirational moms and dads who not only provide a quality home education for their families but also are willing to share their experiences, resources, and day-to-day lives through their blog, as well as posts on Facebook and Twitter.

To honor these inspirational homeschoolers, AOP held the inaugural Homeschool Social Media Awards from August 18-31. The awards featured ten categories, each with five nominees nominated by homeschool moms and dads. Visitors were able to vote once per day for a finalist in each of the ten categories.

After over 11,000 votes and the contest being shared over 700 times on Facebook and Twitter, homeschoolers like you chose Jamerrill Stewart as the overall winner. As the top vote getter, Jamerrill won a full set of AOP curriculum in any grade level, as well as the privilege of giving away three subjects of curriculum to individuals of her choice.

To learn more about the winners, finalists, and nominees who can help you in your homeschool journey, be sure to visit the contest website for AOP's Homeschool Social Media Awards. Congratulations to all the inspiring homeschoolers who received the most votes in each category:

Top Dog (Most overall votes): Jamerrill S., Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling

The Lesson Planner: Jolanthe E., Homeschool Creations
Manages to turn every random event in life into a homeschooling lesson.

The Double-Take: Heather, Sprittibee
You take a look at her status and ask, "Did she really just say that?"

Homeschooling Juggler: Heather, Sprittibee
She manages to mix in walks with the kids, school lessons, and chocolate breaks and still be a constant, present force on Twitter almost 24/7.

The Sage: Sally C., I Take Joy & Samantha K., Sam's Noggin (tie)
Always gives the best advice pertaining to life whether it's about kids, homeschooling, pets, or cleaning.

Most Inspirational: Rachel M., Finding Joy
In the midst of bickering, dogs barking, and baking apple pie, this person still inspires others with her encouraging words of wisdom.

The Side-Splitter: Connie, Smockity Frocks
No matter what she writes, you always find yourself laughing out loud and maybe even crying.

The Homeschool Dad: Todd W., Familyman Ministries
This dad is active in his household and online, all while being a constant support to his family.

The Vlogger: Connie, Smockity Frocks
Camera shy? No way! This person has mastered the video camera, the web cam, the phone cam, and more, and she always brightens your day without a trace of stage fright.

The Thrifty Thinker: Crystal P., Money Saving Mom
If there's a deal to be found, this is the person to find it. You can always count on a coupon from this frugal friend.

Shutter-Happy: Heather, Sprittibee
Point-and-shoot. DSLR. Camera-phone. This person is willing to capture anything on camera and share it with the world, even your most embarrassing moments.

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