The Art of Focusing

You're busy all day, but you can't seem to get anything done—at least, not on time. How many of you have walked into a room and forgot what you needed? Does school seem to drag on longer in the afternoon because of disruptions? Do you find yourself carrying things around the house because you haven't been to the room where it belongs?

I would venture to guess that many of you are nodding right now.  Multi-tasking can be an admirable trait, but it can also be a distraction.  Learning to focus will help you stay on track.  Try these tips to make your days go smoother.

Less Stuff
We like our stuff.  If we didn’t, we wouldn’t buy it.  But do we really need all of it?  When was the last time your daughter played with that stuffed rabbit?  Would your son notice if he had 10 die-cast cars instead of 45?

Spend a day cleaning out unused and unneeded items.  Take them to the nearest resale shop, or donate them to a charitable cause.  Don’t think of it as losing some of your belongings—think of it as blessing others with your overstock!

Less stuff to pick-up means fewer things to think about.  Fewer things to think about means less worry over things getting broken or lost.  All of that equates to more focus on the tasks at hand.

Less Activity
Are you trying to do household tasks while teaching school?  Create a specific time during the day to do chores, and increase your children’s responsibilities.  Choose a day of the week and designate it as “Errand Day.”  Schedule medical and dental appointments on that day so that you’re running around only one day of the week.  Save the laundry for breaks during school, like breakfast and lunch.  Keep your mind focused on school during school hours, and household tasks during the rest of the day.

Less Worry
Turn down the volume on your answering machine, or turn off your phone completely if you have voice mail.  Don’t check your email until after school is over.  Stay focused on what’s happening in your house, and let other people take care of themselves.

Be sure to write things down—nothing causes more worry than thinking you are forgetting something!

Stay focused on the task at hand and you’ll reap the benefits of more time.


Kelly Huckaby is a Christian/Wife/Mother living in Oklahoma with her husband and five homeschooled children. Visit her at for more homeschooling support.

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