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For 150 issues, AOP’s Homeschool View newsletter has sought to bring you the best and the latest in news from the homeschooling world. To celebrate, we put together 15 of our best articles to encourage, inspire, and equip you to educate from home.

Say This, Not That: Using Enforceable Statements as a Parent
To help raise our children to be respectful and responsible, make a conscientious effort to use enforceable statements and clear expectations and see the difference they can make in your homeschool.

Printable Responsibility Chart
With all the freedom that comes with homeschooling, it’s valuable to incorporate some structure into your home. Use our free printable daily responsibility chart to cultivate personal responsibility in your child.

Organizational Tips from Marie Kondo
If you are getting ready for some cleaning, start with these tips from organizational expert and “Tidying Up” star Marie Kondo.

Homeschoolers Get More Sleep
If you’re concerned that your school day starts too late or that your teenager sleeps in too long, don’t despair. A study shows that homeschoolers are happier, healthier, and perform better academically and socially because they get more sleep than their public and private school peers.

100 Famous Homeschoolers
Limiting our list of famous homeschoolers to just 100 was a daunting task, but here they are – scholars, athletes, politicians, entertainers, artists, and many more notable names from past to present.

Parenting Advice from Chip and Joanna Gaines
Since their reality television series Fixer Upper debuted on HGTV in 2013, Chip and Joanna Gaines have gained thousands of fans across the country for their design skills and emphasis on family. When the Gaines expanded their crew to five children, The Cheat Sheet compiled the best parenting advice from Chip and Joanna Gaines.

10 Recommended Apps for Homeschoolers
With over 3.3 million apps available, it can definitely be a challenge for parents to find the best apps for their children. To help, check out these 10 apps for homeschoolers as recommended by Meg Grooms, a long-time homeschooling mother of six, including two homeschool graduates.

Homeschooling with Netflix
With the rising costs of cable, Netflix has become an affordable mainstay in many homes during the last decade. Beyond entertainment, however, the streaming service offers a wide variety of educational shows as well. Here are 10 things on Netflix you may consider watching for a break from your regularly scheduled homeschooling.

How to Create a Homeschool Transcript
With something as important and official as a high school transcript, it can feel overwhelming or intimidating to create your own, but it doesn’t have to be. If your child is nearing or entering high school, use this guide and download our free templates to create a transcript made to impress.

5 Life Skills Parents Inadvertently Teach Their Homeschoolers
Check out this list of five traits your children are likely learning simply by observing you throughout the homeschool day. By practicing them with care and concern, you’ll equip your kids with some incredible life skills by the time they graduate.

How to Homeschool Multiple Children
While homeschooling one child can require a vast amount of energy, teaching multiple children at home can require parents to stretch their patience and creativity to get children focused on the designated assignments for the day. Homeschooling siblings can be successful if a few tips and tricks are applied.

Why Colleges Are Recruiting Homeschoolers
As their numbers continue to surge, homeschool students are catching the eyes of college admissions advisors and recruiters, who are viewing today’s college-bound homeschoolers with growing attention and newfound respect.

The Case for Year Round Homeschooling
Year-round homeschooling is one way families are breaking away from the traditional school schedule to customize their homeschool. For families considering making the shift to year-round homeschooling, here are a few things to consider.

Bible Study Tips for Kids
When people are willing to study the Bible, they can do great things for God. Although family devotions are an important aspect of homeschooling, are your children also learning how to study God's Word on their own?

6 Supplemental Income Ideas for Homeschool Parents
By tapping into your God-given talents, you can develop an in-home business with a workload that fits your family’s schedule. Check out six practical supplemental income options that may interest your homeschool family.

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