The World’s Most Popular Chocolate Desserts

Each year, Americans purchase about 58 million pounds of chocolate for Valentine’s Day, including approximately 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. However, if you want to think outside the box but still melt your loved one’s heart, try one of these top 10 chocolate desserts from around the world according to Taste Atlas.

10. Gelato Cioccolato (Italy)
This popular frozen desserts contains less fat than ice cream while keeping all the flavor.

9. Madarica (Croatia)
Meaning “Hungarian girl,” this layered cake is topped with a dark chocolate glaze.

8. Kladdkaka (Sweden)
A sticky chocolate cake, this dense dessert is moist in the center with a crunchy coating.

7. Brigadeiro (Brazil)
This truffle contains just the three ingredients of unsalted butter, cocoa powder, and condensed milk.

6. Lava Cake (United States of America)
Discovered by accident when it was taken out of the oven too early, this molten sponge cake was invented in New York City.

5. Chocolate Souffle (France)
Named for the French verb “souffler,” which means “to inflate,” this dish served in a ramekin is created when air bubbles in egg whites expand.

4. Sachertorte (Austria)
Created by a teenage pastry chef, this layered sponge cake is topped with apricot jam and chocolate icing.

3. Chocolate Mousse (France)
The French word for “foam,” mousse is a smooth and airy dessert that gets its texture from beaten egg whites.

2. Chocolate Chip Cookies (United States of America)
An American staple, this cookie is credited to Ruth Graves Wakefield, who owned a popular bed and breakfast in Massachusetts called the Toll House Inn.

1. Brownies (United States of America)
A form of sheet cake, brownies are a common homemade treat. Along with cookies, they are the only treats on this list typically eaten by hand.

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