Monarch FAQs: How Do I Keep Records with Monarch?

Keeping homeschool records can be a source of stress and confusion for many parents, but with Monarch online curriculum from AOP, recordkeeping can be quick and painless!

How to Run Reports
To run a Monarch report, go to your parent dashboard and follow these easy steps:

1. Click the “Reports” button in the very top toolbar.

2. Even if you only have one child in Monarch, you need to select the student for whom you want to run a report.

3. Choose the time range for the report you want to run. You can run a report for your pre-set school year, or you can customize the time range for just that day, that week, or the semester.

4. Finally, choose the type of report you want to run.

The “Report Card” gives you the big picture with only the name of each course and the total grade it received.

The “Grade Report” allows you to see more details, showing the grade given for each unit under each course, or you can choose to see the grade given to each assignment in the time range in addition to the unit grades and subject grades.

Lastly, the “Daily Work Report” gives you the most information, listing each assignment within the time range with the course it was for, the due date of each assignment, and the grade it received. This report groups assignments by the date each was completed.

Which reports should you run?
Choosing which report to run depends on what you’re hoping to do.

If your state requires proof that you are homeschooling for a certain number of hours per week, you may want to print out Daily Work Reports for each week so you have a record of what assignments were completed each day that week.

If you reward your kid for quarterly grades, you can print a Grade Report to track which assignments were completed that quarter and the big picture grades awarded for each course.

To plan ahead for making a high school transcript, run a Report Card at the end of each year.

How to Organize Reports
Once you’ve run the Monarch report, what you do to organize and save them is up to you. Some parents like to print the reports and keep them in folders for each child, but you can also save your Monarch reports as PDFs in file folders on your computer. Whether you print the reports or keep them saved on the computer, just be sure to keep up with your local laws on which records they want to receive from you.

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